SNF's products are applied in a tertiary recovery method called polymer flooding, which is the most widely used CEOR method. Significant application knowledge is required to make sure the right polymer is injected depending on temperature, water composition, and permeability. Furthermore, in-situ mixing and dosing requires expertise in order to prevent polymer degradation and viscosity loss.To address the aforementioned production challenges, SNF has developed turnkey skids and trailer-based field installations, which can be set up directly in oil fields. These installations ensure the correct preparation, mixing and dosing of polymers as part of the CEOR process (Fig. 1).Importance of Intelligent OperationsPreventing unplanned shutdowns, reducing downtime, and lowering maintenance costs have been shown to provide significant financial benefits. One way to achieve these results is to make certain that all installed assets are used to the best of their ability.In order for plant operations to run smoothly, solutions that streamline processes and workflows must be in place. Additionally, accurate representation of installed equipment assets must be available. Plant owners and operators are seeking tools to support effective and efficient maintenance and operations management.Like other industrial organizations, SNF recognizes the importance of implementing intelligent field devices, collecting performance-driven data, and optimizing operations throughout the lifecycle of the processes. Intelligent instrumentation makes it possible to securely get the right information into the hands of expert problem-solvers wherever they are located.As digital and multi-functional field devices are increasingly used in the process industries, organizations have access to large amounts of information available from such devices. The complexity of digital communication protocols and enhanced diagnostics capabilities creates the need for tools providing ease of configuration and analysis of data information.Figure 1: SNF has developed turnkey polymer injection skids, which can be set up directly in oil fieldsSuccess Story Collection14SNF s.a.s. / France

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