Upgrading to Modern TechnologySNF is an expert on polymers and their applications, but for efficient production the company relies on its long-term partner Yokogawa. At the Andrézieux production site, Yokogawa CENTUM CS 3000 and CENTUM VP production control systems are used to control the manufacturing of polymers utilized in tertiary recovery operations.As part of the facility’s mixed network topology, a wide variety of digital process instruments are installed, including pressure, level and temperature transmitters; Coriolis and electromagnetic flowmeters; and pH and conductivity analyzers from various field device vendors.Some production lines at the Andrézieux site use field instruments with Yokogawa’s proprietary Brain communication protocol, as well as a specific type of hand-held terminal for device configuration, commissioning and troubleshooting. Other, more recently implemented installations employ the HART communication protocol with a different type of hand-held terminal. Under this scenario, engineers could not backup, manage or compare data as part of their device management procedures.When searching for state-of-the-art technology to replace the existing handheld units, SNF turned to Yokogawa to provide its FieldMate solution for deployment on both plant-side processes and remote polymer injection skids. FieldMate was implemented in tablet form to integrate existing and modern digital networks and devices, and to enhance and streamline maintenance workflow procedures for device configuration, commissioning and troubleshooting. The tablet solution is an ideal replacement for costly handheld terminals, providing the same mobility for plant maintenance staff with extended functionality, clear graphical displays, trend panel, parameter database, maintenance information records, and more. Site technicians use multiple tablets, and each tablet has the latest up-to-date database. When work has been executed, the databases are synchronized with the master database on the server.FieldMate automatically scans the bus and reports the devices found, including the status of the device(s) and basic device parameters, and opens the correct DTM. From there, the user can intuitively navigate to device details such as: diagnostics, configuration parameters, maintenance information, etc. The tool’s Parameter Manager capability enables easy configuration of devices, upload of device parameters to the database, and comparison of device parameter sets (actual versus historic) (Fig. 2). Thanks to powerful field device management capabilities, the SNF engineering and maintenance team can now manage the complete lifecycle of assets and configure devices via a standardized graphical interface, with information accessed from their tablet. It can also perform offline configuration, and when devices are connected during commissioning, parameter sets can be loaded to individual devices – saving an enormous amount of time.SNF E&I Engineer Pierrick Boissel commented: “The new device tool allows us to access all instrument data for further use, such as off-line checking of instrument parameters and downloading of all data into the instrument after replacement. Through our LAN, we synchronize all tablets so up-to-date data are available to every user. Having this instrumentation database makes our commissioning and maintenance job easier.”Antoine Giri, SNF E&I Technician added, “Before having FieldMate, we were using separate standard HART and Brain hand-held terminals. Now we have a single interface for all intelligent devices, which saves time for troubleshooting purposes. Moreover, standard hand-held terminals only have a simple LCD screen with three parameters displayed, whereas FieldMate offers a more intuitive and simple configuration methodology for reading and recording data.”Figure 2: Field maintenance staff at the Andrézieux site can now manage the complete lifecycle of assets and configure devices via a standardized graphical interface, with information accessed from their tablet15Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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