Value of the FDT/DTM SolutionFor industrial organizations, FDT Technology provides a common environment for utilizing intelligent devices’ most sophisticated features, as well as a single interface to integrate any device asset and network with access to performance-driven data – sensor to enterprise.Within the FDT ecosystem, device manufacturers provide Device Type Manager™ (DTM™) software for their products, and Frame Applications (embedded in systems or standalone device management tools), communicate and read those DTMs – regardless of protocol for each device. This enables complete lifecycle access for configuration, operation and maintenance through a standardized user interface, no matter the supplier, device type/function, or communication protocol.FDT creates a common communication method between devices and control or monitoring systems that are used to configure, operate, maintain, and diagnose intelligent assets. The FDT solution is not a communication protocol, but rather a standardized asset integration and data delivery technology. It is recognized as an international (IEC 62453), North America (ISA 103), and China (GB/T 29618) standard.For applications like those at SNF, DTMs are used during commissioning and for conducting loop checks (Fig. 3). They are also employed for visualization of device diagnostics when troubleshooting is to be performed (Fig. 4). Information is made available in a comprehensive form to maintenance engineers. A standard audit trail feature allows for detailed tracking of any changes to a device, including who did what, when and why. It is a robust solution enabling plant personnel to see smart field devices clearly, know their condition in advance, and act with agility throughout maintenance workflows.FDT has proven to be effective for the new generation for intelligent operations, enabling improved configuration, calibration and diagnostic capabilities. The technology helps deliver valuable device and process information allowing for many cost-saving and operational improvements. Lower maintenance cost, improved reliability and increased safety are just a few important advantages.Easier Skid CommissioningFor SNF polymer injection skids delivered to major oil companies around the world, the FieldMate device tool is loaded on a tablet and used to assist with initial configuration and commissioning. All device configuration data is saved for future reference once commissioning is completed, and the device tool’s audit trail function is useful in identifying human error in case of future problems.Because the device management solution leverages the open, protocol-independent FDT standard, it is ideal for skid environments supporting either HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus – the communication protocols used depending on the complexity of the polymer injection preparation process. Skids designed for simple processes (i.e., preparing the polymer for injection) are delivered with the device management tool to support a dozen or so devices, whereas skids intended for more complex applications are supplied with a processing unit, Centum VP Production Control System and Yokogawa’s PRM integrated Plant Asset Management solution instead of the device tool for management of hundreds of devices.Application ResultsIn increasingly sophisticated plants and factories, the presence of multiple digital communication protocols, coupled with the need for expanded asset diagnostics capabilities, is driving the adoption of tools providing ease of configuration and analysis of data related to field device management.As digital devices become more diverse and offer greater functionality, automation suppliers are developing and offering FDT/DTM-based solutions featuring simplified and quantitative features. Manufacturers like SNF will continue to benefit from digital technologies and user-oriented tools for managing their intelligent devices. FDT is ahead of its time in terms of providing secure and reliable interoperability and integration of automation systems, network and devices.“FieldMate saves us a lot of time,” Boissel concluded. “It enables us to achieve real productivity advantages and savings in our maintenance work.”SNF now has a versatile device configuration and commissioning capability, enabling the company to achieve a higher level of efficiency across its maintenance regimen.Figure 3: FieldMate is a state-of-the-art, FDT2-enabled device management tool that supports intelligent instrumentation tasks such as performing loop checksFigure 4: DTMs are used during commissioning and maintenance for visualization of device diagnosticsSuccess Story Collection16SNF s.a.s. / France

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