Tokuyama Electronic Chemicals Pte. Ltd.TOKUYAMA Improves Productivity by Migrating from Micro-XL to CENTUM CS 3000Background of This ProjectTokuyama Electronic Chemicals Pte. Ltd. (TOKUYAMA) is located on the Jurong Industrial Estate in west Singapore. TOKUYAMA manufactures specialty chemicals for the electronics industry. Their Singapore plant had relied on Yokogawa’s medium-scale MicroXL process control system for more than 10 years without experiencing a single failure. Due to the discontinuance of MicroXL support and the desire to improve operations with the latest technology, TOKUYAMA decided to undertake a system migration and modify its plant processes. The installation of the CENTUM CS 3000 system was successfully handled by Yokogawa Engineering Asia.The Challenges and the SolutionsThe search for Production ExcellenceTo improve quality and efficiency, TOKUYAMA was looking to improve the effectiveness of its operation control and monitoring functions. Another consideration was the desire to improve global competitiveness by cutting costs. With its powerful functions, improved operability, and simplified engineering procedures, the CENTUM CS 3000 process control system offered clear advantages to its predecessor.To ensure high product quality, an existing Yokogawa gaschromatograph was integrated with a CENTUM CS 3000 field control station (FCS). This made it possible for operators of the CENTUM system to monitor data from the gaschromatograph in real time on a graphic display, allowing them to determine whether the product was of sufficient quality to proceed to the next step in the production process.Good customer supportEngineers from TOKUYAMA and Yokogawa Engineering Asia worked together very closely to complete all the engineering work for this legacy system migration in just six months. The factory acceptance test (FAT) was completed within one week and the plant needed to be shut down for only one day. The plant was started up on schedule in early 2006 and the system has operated trouble-free since then. TOKUYAMA appreciates the high reliability of this Yokogawa system and the fact that Yokogawa Engineering Asia is situated nearby and can offer immediate support should any problem occur.Plant InformationLocation: Gulf Road, SingaporeOrder date:July 2005 Completion:January 2006 17Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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