Customer SatisfactionThe following quotes are from the DCS-HCO-Lessons Learned Meeting of September 26, 2008:Mohamed Kasim Bin Daud, Manufacturing Manager:“We are always looking for Operational Excellence. After installing the CENTUM CS 3000, we have not had a single failure of the control system. So we are now operating the plant efficiently and the productivity is very high. We appreciate Yokogawa’s reliable system.” Shunkitchi Omae, Managing Director:“We are looking to make further improvements to our operations to achieve sustainable manufacturing. So we need further advice and will work together with Yokogawa Engineering Asia.”System ConfigurationCENTUM CS 3000HIS: Human interface stationFCS: Field control station(HIS/OPC x 1, HIS x 1, FCS x 1 )LENG: Local engineering stationGaschromatographDual redundant V netEthernetExistingcabinetColorprinterLaserprinterHISHISFCSHUBCentral control roomSuccess Story Collection18Tokuyama Electronic Chemicals Pte. Ltd. / Singapore

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