ADISSEOProductivity Improvements by Replacing a Control Panel with DCSReplacing a traditional control panel with a DCS poses special challenges. The successful outcome of such projects depends on the commitment of the users. Adisseo’s project MADRID, in St Clair du Rhône, is a good example of what can be achieved.Adisseo is a leader in nutritional food additives. Its headquarters are in Antony (France) with four main production plants: Commentry and Les Roches-Roussillon (France), Burgos (Spain), and Institute (West Virginia, USA).Adisseo creates, manufactures and sells food additives under the following trade marks: Microvit (vitamins), Rhodimet (methionine), Smartamine (methionine for ruminants) and Rovabio (enzymes).At Les Roches-Roussillon, semi-finished products and finished goods (Méthionine, Acroléïne and Méthyl Mercaptan) are processed on a CENTUM CS in Roussillon and on a CS 3000 in Les Roches. In the MADRID project, two process units including two pre-heating lines with reaction and distillation phase were supplied.The main difficulties in these processes came from handling inflammable and toxic substances: acroleïne, MSH, and H2S. ProSafe PLCs were provided to protect both people and the environment.Plant InformationLocation: St Clair du Rhone, FranceOrder date:2001Completion:200219Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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