The CENTUM CS 3000 has an OPC interface that supports the provision of all plant process data in real time to the EA facility’s plant information management system (PIMS), enabling this data to be shared with all other companies in the PTT Chemical Group. The plant manager, production engineers, process engineers, maintenance engineers, and even the staff in these other companies’ sales departments can continuously monitor the current plant situation from the comfort of their own offices. This of course is very convenient, improves productivity, and allows for more efficient analysis of overall plant efficiency and the performance of individual assets.Customer SatisfactionAmporn Ketcharung, the Division Manager responsible for maintenance operations (asset engineering) at the EA plant, had the following to say about the Yokogawa solution: “Our production is currently 50,000 tons/year. We are very happy using the Yokogawa process control and safety instrumented systems. The systems are very reliable and we have had almost no major problems since 2009. We have also been looking to improve efficiency and productivity, so we started to study how advanced process control (APC) packages like Yokogawa’s Exasmoc and Exarqe could help us achieve production excellence.” Commenting further, he said: “We installed Yokogawa’s PRM package to manage more than 500 HART pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, temperature transmitters, level transmitters, and control valves. We just started using the package and are looking to take a more proactive approach in our maintenance activities. We may use data from these field devices to improve the performance of individual devices.”Central control roomAmporn Ketcharung Division ManagerSuccess Story Collection22Thai Ethanolamines Co., Ltd. / Thailand

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