Cytec Industries (Thailand) Ltd.Migration from Micro-XL and CENTUM CS 1000 to CENTUM CS 3000 Improves ReliabilityExecutive SummaryCytec Industries (Thailand) Ltd. is a leading global supplier of advanced liquid and powder coating resins, pressure sensitive adhesives, and mining chemicals. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Rayong, Thailand, the world to ensure a reliable supply of high quality products. New manufacturing capabilities are being added to support growth opportunities, and experienced research and technical service teams are working with customers to develop tailor-made systems and deliver technologies that exceed their expectations. Cytec’s product range is comprehensive. The company offers an eco-friendly product family of waterborne and solvent-borne resins used in high-performance coating applications. This includes new and innovative low-VOC and HAP-free resin technologies as well as already well established binders, additives, cross linkers, catalysts, and solvents. This portfolio of liquid resins and additives provides Cytec the capability to serve the needs of a wide range of coating markets, including decorative, automotive, packaging, industrial metal, plastic and wood, and mining refining as well as specialty applications such as tires, sanitation, and pools.Cytec started using Yokogawa’s Micro-XL DCS in 1996, and later added a CENTUM CS 1000 system. Both systems were linked by a BCVL0112 bus converter for the monitoring and control of all plant processes. Although Cytec had been using Micro-XL for more than 10 years without experiencing a single major system failure, it decided to migrate to the CENTUM CS 3000 and the CS Batch package because of the end of support for the Micro-XL system, the difficulty of finding spare parts, and the desire to attain even higher levels of operational excellence.The Challenges and the SolutionsOperational ExcellenceCytec is looking to increase production efficiency to meet the requirements of its end users on time and reduce production losses. Production involves more than 1,000 raw materials, nearly 200 recipes with many different parameters, and a variety of procedures and sequences for feeding, mixing, cooking, and filtering/discharging final product. Operations at this plant, which runs more than 330 days per year, are all carefully managed by the CENTUM CS 3000 DCS and the CS Batch package. While some products require manual adjustments during batch operations, operators always have all the information they need thanks to graphic and temperature trend displays and operator guidance messages. By allowing them to see clearly, know in advance, and act with agility, Yokogawa is delivering on its VigilantPlant promise of bringing operational excellence to its customers. Plant InformationLocation: Rayong, ThailandOrder date:2007Completion:2008Main reactor25Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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