Safer OperationsOne of the important issues at this ISO14000 compliant plant is the safety of its operations and the resulting impact that this can have on the environment. The CENTUM CS 3000 DCS and the CS Batch package provide accurate information on procedures that eliminate mistakes by allowing operators to confirm the actions that are to be taken during each step of a batch operation. And now that Cytec is following the industry’s RC14000 environmental management specification, it is essential to keep data spanning the entire production lifecycle, from the purchase of raw materials onwards. With the CENTUM CS 3000 DCS and the CS Batch package, data on individual batch operations can be stored and retrieved, allowing the detailed time-based tracking of production data that is essential to maintaining safe and environmentally friendly plant operations.Migration from Legacy Systems to CENTUM CS 3000The Micro-XL and CENTUM CS 1000 systems were highly reliable even in a single configuration. Now, with dual redundancy in all key system elements such as the communication bus, power supply, and CPU, the CENTUM CS 3000 takes reliability and operational excellence to an entirely different level.Customer SatisfactionBoonsong Panjing, Engineering Manager, said, “We are very confident in our ability to manufacture many different kinds of high quality coating materials. Yokogawa’s CENTUM CS 3000 DCS and CS Batch package play core roles in our sustainable manufacturing practices. Explaining further, he said, “We always try to satisfy our customers requirements by delivering products on time and on specification. This requires us to keep everything very neatly arranged in our warehouse, as you can see here.” (See photo below.)The customer’s requirements, manufacturing schedule, and shipping schedule are all well managed at Cytec. This is consistent with the 5S concept of seiri, seiton, seisou, seiketsu, shitsuke (tidiness, orderliness, cleanliness, standardization, discipline).“Our plant runs around 330 days a year. Based on production data and many other kinds of data obtained during normal operation, process engineers carefully study and analyze the condition of each process unit to prepare an annual maintenance plan. We have a maintenance contract with Yokogawa Thailand for the control system, and the DCS is always kept in good condition. The DCS is the brain for our entire production facility.”Product storageThe CCR beforeThe CCR todaySuccess Story Collection26Cytec Industries (Thailand) Ltd. / Thailand

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