ReichholdHigh Reliability Assured through Upgrade to Yokogawa’s CENTUM CS 3000 Production Control System and CS Batch PackageExecutive SummaryWith 19 manufacturing sites and four technology centers in 13 countries, Reichhold is one of the world’s largest suppliers of unsaturated polyester resins for composites and a leading supplier of coating resins for a wide variety of markets and applications. Reichhold is committed to being the preferred and responsible supplier of both conventional and specialty products to an increasingly diverse group of global customers. To serve these customers, Reichhold has expanded into rapidly growing markets such as India and China. Reichhold is dedicated to providing its customers innovative and high quality value-added products and services. Under such well known brand names as POLYLITE®, HYDREX®, DION®, and NORPOL®, the company offers a complete line of resin products, gelcoats, and bonding pastes for a wide variety of composites end use applications. Four state-of-the-art technology centers support the development of new materials for both advanced and conventional composite applications. The company is committed to developing new resin systems based on renewable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials, and it markets these under the ENVIROLITE® brand. Reichhold began using Yokogawa’s Micro-XL distributed control systems at its emulsion and polyester plants in 1993 and experienced no major problems while they were in operation. When the end of support was declared for Micro-XL and its batch recipe package, Reichhold chose to upgrade to Yokogawa’s CENTUM CS 3000 production control system and CS Batch package. The installation was a success and both remain in use today.The Challenges and the SolutionsProduction excellence with CS BatchMore than 200 main recipes and 50 blending recipes are used in eight reactors and blending tanks at the Morris plant, and reaction times vary from eight to 28 hours. In addition to preventing contamination, it is important to maintain efficient production operations by optimizing the utilization of resource cycle times and minimizing downtime. Yokogawa’s CS Batch package supports the complex batch operations at this plant. The CS Batch package includes flexible and scalable batch management software for centralized recipe / process management and distributed unit supervision. CS Batch is used to automate a wide range of Reichhold’s batch processes and multi-product / multipath processes, thereby demonstrating ease of use, outstanding reliability, and sophisticated functionality. Using the CS Batch package, Reichhold has reduced lifecycle engineering costs, shortened time to market, improved plant performance, and kept unexpected control failures to a minimum. A large amount of operational data that is vital for making business decisions on productivity, quality, and safety was transferred from the CENTUM CS 3000 to an existing PI data historian system via an OPC interface. Reichhold analyzes this data to identify improvements that can be made to operations. Plant InformationLocation: Morris, IL, USAOrder date:2003Completion:2004Central control room27Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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