Asset management: FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus devices, AS-i system, and PRMReichhold is always striving to apply new technologies that minimize maintenance costs and make maintenance more proactive. Nearly 300 FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus-enabled devices are utilized in the Morris plant. Data such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate from individual transmitters can be monitored at the same time and easily assigned to different instrument blocks, with minimal engineering. In addition to reducing wiring costs, this makes it possible for process engineers to analyze a process in real time.An Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i) system is used in this plant to connect more than 700 valves, achieving a major reduction in wiring costs. AS-i offers many of the benefits of more complex and costly bus systems, but at a substantially lower cost, and with greater simplicity.All FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus devices can be monitored from the engineering room using the Plant Resource Manager (PRM) asset management software package. Using this package, process engineers can immediately find out the status of every field device without having to do an onsite inspection. An engineer is able to identify what went wrong, pinpoint the failure location, and identify suspect parameters from the comfort of an office desk. A plant maintenance technician can then schedule a check of the problem devices. In this way, PRM introduces an entirely new approach to field device maintenance.HIS anywhereCENTUM’s virtual terminal server (VTS) is a very useful function provided by Yokogawa. With it, engineers and operators can view the current status of an operation from any location. When a key Morris engineer was in India to support the start-up of a Reichhold plant, he used this function to monitor the operation at the US Morris plant in real time, and was able to troubleshoot problems using a voice link with the operators there.Integration of CENTUM CS 3000 with all subsystemsSubsystems such as the raw material weighing system, safety shutdown system, and product shipping system at the plant locations including the truck loading station and drumming area are all integrated with the CENTUM CS 3000 production control system, allowing operators to clearly see at a glance on graphical displays what is happening throughout the plant and take immediate corrective action when necessary. All process data and production related data is transferred to the PI system. The information collected by the PI data historian is utilized to improve quality, safety, and production efficiency.Customer SatisfactionRoja Challa, Process Control System Support Adviser, stated, “We are very happy using the Yokogawa system and products. We are manufacturing various kinds of resin products with different formulas and are doing this on time and on specification.” He went on to say, “Reichhold has now standardized all of its process control systems in the US with Yokogawa’s CENTUM system because of its high reliability. Yokogawa hardware is very reliable. The availability of more than 99.99% is really amazing.”Truck loading areaFieldbus pressure transmitterRemote terminalFieldbus temperature transmitterRoja Challa, Process Control System Support AdviserSuccess Story Collection28Reichhold / USA

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