Asahi Carbon Company Ltd.Installation of Exaquantum PIMS Package Improves Efficiency of Process Data ManagementExecutive SummaryAsahi Carbon Company Ltd. (ACA) is a major carbon black producer. Founded in Niigata, Japan in 1951, ACA is strong in the R&D of unique new technologies as well as in manufacturing, sales, and market promotion. The company has plants in Japan and other countries, and sells its products worldwide.Carbon black is a carbon substance and is used as a pigment and reinforcing agent in rubber and resin products. This protects these materials from erosion and ultraviolet rays, and gives them strength and elasticity. Carbon black is mainly utilized in rubber products such as tires, for which its specifications vary depending on the application (airplane, passenger car, racing car, etc.). Other applications include rubber hoses and vibration proof materials as well as batteries, inks, and other items that require particular conductivity or coloring characteristics. ACA has long been a user of Yokogawa’s CENTUM distributed control system (DCS), starting with CENTUM XL and migrating to CENTUM CS 3000. At the request of ACA, Yokogawa successfully installed its Exaquantum plant information management system (PIMS) package on the top of this DCS.The Challenges and the SolutionsTo analyze the performance of its production equipment and identify countermeasures for any problems that occur, ACA wished to install a data historian that was capable of collecting process data over long periods of time. An additional need was the ability for the sales department to monitor production data over the company’s computer network. Specifically, these requirements were:Plant InformationLocation: Niigata, JapanCompletion:October 2010Process overview29Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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