Samsung Fine ChemicalsFine Chemical Plant Automates All Operations and Reduces Production Losses with Yokogawa’s ExapilotExecutive SummarySAMSUNG Fine Chemicals (SFC) produces many kinds of fine chemicals that have been well received both in Korea and the global market. SFC’s products include mecellose (methylcellulose), epichlorohydrin (ECH), dimethylformamide (DMF), methylamines, tetramethylammonium chloride (TMAC), barium titanate powder (BTP), and AnyCoat. SFC also produces a range of general chemical products such as ammonia, urea, melamine, methylene chloride, methyl chloride, formic acid, and caustic soda. One of SFC’s primary next-generation strategic businesses is the production of electronic chemical materials (ECM) such as BTP. SFC has four BTP plants in Ulsan that, altogether, produces 4,000 tons per year of this material. One of these plants, plant C, was built in 2010 and uses Yokogawa’s CENTUM CS 3000 distributed control system to control all of its operations. In 2012, SFC introduced Yokogawa’s Exapilot package solution to automate processes throughout this plant. As a result, SFC has been able to reduce operator workload, improve product quality, and reduce production losses.The Challenges and the SolutionsImproved productivityThe BTP production process employs three batch reactors that process materials in sequence. The overall process is a complex mix of batch and continuous operations that requires numerous manual interventions and the operation of many different valves. This was demanding work for the operators, each of whom had to specialize in carrying out different parts of the operation. Plant InformationLocation: Ulsan, South KoreaOrder date:January 2012Completion:October 2012Overview of processes at plant C37Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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