Customer Challenges and SolutionsBuilding close relationships with customersThe extremely competitive semiconductor industry and the short lifecycle of microprocess technology means that not only chemical agent suppliers such as TOK but also the semiconductor manufacturers themselves are under severe pressure to keep innovating to survive. In order to ensure sustained growth, TOK decided to start the local production of photoresist materials for its semiconductor manufacturing customers in Taiwan. By locating its production facility near its customers, TOK is able to work with them more closely and gain insights into their changing requirements. This allows TOK to produce new products that match up closely with their needs. Consistent production activities using MESTOK’s other plants have relied on MES packages that were developed in house, but these have been difficult to maintain, and they have also lacked the traceability functions required by the company’s semiconductor manufacturing customers. For the new Tongluo facility, TOK turned to Yokogawa, its trusted process control system vendor, for a better solution.From the input of raw materials to completion of the final product, it requires approximately two weeks to produce photoresists. There are many steps in this production process and they must be completed without error to ensure consistent photoresist quality. Yokogawa worked with TOK to identify these steps one by one. This involved a vast amount of production know-how, and it was necessary for Yokogawa to understand and structure all key steps of the production process in its MES. Development of the system specifications required extensive discussions about the production process with TOK’s personnel. Based on these specifications, Yokogawa built an MES that fully supported the operator workflow. The MES converts customer orders into instructions for the production process. In coordination with the plant’s CENTUM VP production control system, the MES displays a detailed workflow on the operator PCs. Operators follow these instructions step by step while taking interlock with the system. Information such as raw material lot number and amount and equipment and process parameters are all tracked for reporting functions that allow them to be reviewed at any point. Operators thus have all the information they need at each step to ensure consistent outcomes in the production process.The MES interface(Detailed instructions are displayed together with set points, etc. in accordance with the operating sequence)MES display of detailed process steps(Steps jointly identified by TOK and Yokogawa)Success Story Collection2TOK Taiwan Tongluo Plant / Taiwan

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