Field instrumentationAll field devices for the plant's filter dryers, vacuum pumps, vacuum bagging, plant pumps, and evaporators are connected to field control stations (FCS) and monitored using Yokogawa’s Plant Resource Manager (PRM). Although the bus system initially had numerous problems with wiring errors and data incompatibility, they were all successfully resolved using PRM. PRM monitors all of the field devices during normal operation and has functions that track how long the devices have been in use and identify in advance when preventive maintenance should be carried out. This allows a more proactive maintenance approach that helps to minimize plant operation costs.Customer SatisfactionDr. Simone Reinhard, Evonik’s Operations Director, commented that “The project was a success: not only the budget was kept, but also a very tight schedule was met. Surely there’s little difference between planning and execution. Thanks to the dedicated effort and intense cooperation of everyone on the project team, the new plant was able to start production operations in July 2009.” Dr. Reinhard went on to say “ We made a precise landing for this pharmaceutical and active ingredient plant, in spite of this very ambitious schedule, and were on time in starting delivery to our customers in late 2009. We also very much appreciate Yokogawa’s commitment to supporting the system throughout the plant lifecycle.”In the central control roomPlant overview graphic displaySystem Configuration by CENTUM VPDr. Simone Reinhard, Operations DirectorSuccess Story Collection48Evonik Technochemie / Germany

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