Full traceability - every bottle traceable to production informationIn addition to supporting production operations, there is also the need to record and store production-related information on raw material usage, production processes, inspection results, and so on. In the off chance of a product anomaly, the ability to trace the raw material lot and processing records can help to identify other products that use the same raw materials or processes. Even in the absence of an anomaly, traceability makes it possible to locate changes that can impact the quality of the final product. Production process traceability is extremely important for quality control. Even when such information is available, the analysis of root causes can take a vast amount of time. To get around this problem, TOK was looking for a means to store and quickly and efficiently search vast amounts of data. As a solution, Yokogawa added the tracking and reporting functions to the MES. The tracking functions allow both product-originated trace-back analyses and raw material-originated trace-forward views, enabling detailed multi-directional tracking of the relations between final products, intermediary products, and raw materials. The reporting functions allow output of a detailed 4M (Man, Machine, Material, Method) production record, enabling an at-a-glance check of the entire process, from upstream to downstream. The amount of time required to generate a report was dramatically reduced, freeing up time for other quality improvement activities. These functions have made it possible to quickly and efficiently track down the production information for every bottle coming off the Tongluo production line. This adds great value and is one of the factors that is helping TOK to win the trust of its customers. 3Success Story CollectionChemical (Fine & Specialty Chemical, Biofuel)& Pharmaceutical

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