Customer SatisfactionThe Tongluo plant was soon operating at full capacity despite the fact that it was a grassroots facility manned almost entirely by local staff. The MES contribution was significant in that it allowed the production technology developed in Japan to be presented in a standardized form and utilized to prevent human errors in multiproduct processes. For the future expansion of product lines, the master version of the MES can be easily updated to accommodate new production recipes, making the system highly scalable. The integration of production planning and execution and the incorporation of traceability have helped this facility consistently produce high quality photoresist, making it the product of choice for the clean, high-precision fabrication of semiconductors. Takashi Kawashita, vice president and manager of the Tongluo plant: "We built the Tongluo plant with the aim of attaining the highest level of product quality. Introduction of the MES helped make this possible. We have benefited by being able to provide detailed traceability information for each product. Our customers highly value this capability.However, the pace of change is very fast in the semiconductor industry, and our customers are always looking for what is coming next. It’s a challenge to keep up. The desired characteristics for photoresist differ from customer to customer, so it is good that we are able to discuss this in depth with them and use that information to customize our products to suit each requirement. Our products are reputed to be the best, and we must maintain that reputation by delivering new products that meet ever tougher customer requirements and by expanding our production capabilities in a quick and responsive manner. We expect that Yokogawa will understand these needs and continue to provide us strong local support. We plan to begin producing photoresist-related chemicals at a new plant that is currently under construction at the Tongluo site. Our aim here is to have the best facilities and to achieve traceability for its products as well. By producing products that our competitors cannot match, we will gain a competitive advantage. This is the plan for the new plant. Our dream is to grow with our customers and to contribute to the further development of the Taiwanese semiconductor industry."Success Story Collection4TOK Taiwan Tongluo Plant / Taiwan

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