201802_Renewable Energy

•Reduced maintenance budget•Greatly improved static and dynamic turbine controllability•Tuning flexibility of control modes•Highly precise control with positioning accuracy of 0.1%Replacement of mechanical hydraulic controlsThe existing mechanical hydraulic controls were replaced with digital electric controls implemented in the CENTUM VP. The new control system with newly installed speed gear and sensors has dramatically improved speed and load control. Full integration with excitation, electrical protection, vibration control, and more systems combined with such beneficial electric actuators has delivered the following benefits:•Stable turbine control over a long term and minimized total losses resulting from improper operation by the control and safety systems•Major improvements in ecological, technical, and financial performance•Unstaffed and remote HPP operation capability•Redundant, high-precision electromechanical wicket gate control with the ability to function autonomously for at least one hour during loss of power supply, thanks to accumulators (batteries) provided for guaranteed wicket gate closing in emergency situations•Unified control platform throughout all system levels: turbines, safety systems, HPP general equipment, whole HPP, regional control centers, and united control centerFull integration with electrical equipmentIn addition, the scope of modernization included the supply of new electrical equipment such as variable frequency drives, generator protection relays, and excitation system. This enabled:•Full integration with excitation, electrical protection, vibration control, and other systems•Active and reactive power group control implemented in a standard field control station without upper-level computer or server•Four levels of emergency protection: excitation system and generator electrical safety protection, turbine control system protection, SIL-3 ProSafe-RS system, emergency stop buttons for use at undesirable pressureCustomer SatisfactionTGC-1 operators are satisfied with the result of the replacement. The HPP cascade general manager Evgeniy Lopatin commented, “Before the replacement, we were skeptical about whether Yokogawa could complete this project or not, but our fears proved to be unfounded. After system replacement, we found no malfunction. Also we have suffered no shutdown during operation even in island operation. We are very satisfied with the new system, and Forus’s and Yokogawa’s work. Various companies visit our hydro power plant to see it working thanks to such a successful project”.Island operation testOperation graphic windowPal’eozersk HPP operators and project membersAfter replacement: Electric cylinder actuator with redundant motorsSpeed gear and sensorsSuccess Story Collection8Pal’eozersk Hydro Power Plant /Russian Federation

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