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Plant InformationLocation: Lahendong, North Sulawesi, IndonesiaCapacity: 3 x 20 MWCompletion: 2009 (Lahendong III), 2012 (IV), 2014 (I)PLN Lahendong Geothermal Power PlantsEnsuring Safe and Reliable Operations at PT PLN Lahendong I, III and IV Geothermal Power PlantsExecutive SummaryPT PLN is a government-owned company that manages the electric power industry in Indonesia. To ensure a stable power supply for North Sulawesi province, PT PLN has built and currently operates four geothermal power plants in Lahendong, which is located 30 km south of Manado, the provincial capital. The two newest plants, Lahendong III and Lahendong IV, each produce 20 MW of electricity, and the financing for their construction was provided by the Japanese government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) program and the Asia Development Bank (ADB), respectively.Indonesia’s economy is growing at a remarkable rate, and the country’s demand for electricity far outstrips supply. Despite holding 40 percent of the world’s geothermal reserves, enough to produce about 30,000 MW, the country has done relatively little till now to make use of this resource. However, the Indonesian government has signaled a strong intention to begin developing the country’s geothermal resources. Geothermal energy is a clean and renewable power source, and plants of this type produce extremely little CO2, which is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. For this reason, efforts to make use of this resource are gaining momentum, and its development is expected to bring great environmental and economic benefits.At the Lahendong III geothermal power plant, Yokogawa installed the CENTUM CS 3000 distributed control system (DCS) with redundant controllers, a backup system, and a test system. Based on the success of these installed systems, Yokogawa subsequently received an order to install its CENTUM VP DCS at the Lahendong IV geothermal power plant. Then, when carrying out a project to renovate the 20-MW Lahendong I plant in the ensuing year, PT. PLN selected the CENTUM VP to replace the existing Bailey INFI 90 system that had been used to monitor and control the steam turbine auxiliary facilities as it was approaching the end of its useful life. The solid performance of the systems used, combined with Yokogawa's superior technical expertise in geothermal power generation, the proven quality of its products, and its extensive engineering and service network in Indonesia, were primary considerations in PT. PLN's decision to go with the CENTUM VP solution again.The Challenges and the SolutionsAutomated plant and turbine startup and shutdown Plant and turbine startup and shutdown procedures are very complex and time-consuming, and place great stress on both personnel and equipment. To eliminate operator errors during these critical processes, the CENTUM DCS has automated plant Automatic turbine startup windowStartup procedure window9Success Story CollectionRenewable EnergyGeothermal

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