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Lakeside EFWModern Waste to Energy Facility in UK Uses CENTUM CS 3000 and ProSafe-RSExecutive SummaryAs existing fossil fuel reserves have become unviable or unreliable, the challenge of providing a secure energy supply for power generation within the UK has increased significantly in terms of both financial and environmental cost. At the same time, landfills lack the capacity to handle the increasing amount of household and municipal waste. While efforts to reduce, re-use, or recycle waste have made some headway, other options have had to be explored. One such effort underway that is making a valuable contribution toward providing a balanced and secure energy portfolio for the UK involves the extraction of energy from residual (non-recyclable) waste. Lakeside EFW Ltd. operates an energy-from-waste (EFW) facility near London that is staffed by experts in energy recovery technologies who are working hard to ensure the plant remains efficient, technologically up to date, and above all, safe. The plant has the capacity to consume 410,000 tons of household and municipal waste per year and exports at least 34 MW per hour to the country’s National Grid. This process diverts the majority (over 97%) of waste from landfill. Lakeside EFW uses a mass-burn process to generate high temperatures that are then used to produce high pressure steam. The steam in turn drives a turbine to produce electricity. Residues and flue gases are carefully treated to minimize the release of environmental pollutants. The facility operates under strict environmental controls, within the guidelines of the waste incineration directive (WID) and an environmental permit administered by the environment agency.For Lakeside EFW, Yokogawa UK installed a CENTUM CS 3000 distributed control system and a ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system to automate control of the facility’s boilers, burners, and balance of plant facilities. The facility has operated safely with no major system failures since coming online in 2008. Plant InformationLocation: Lakeside, UKCapacity: 34 MWCompletion: April 2008Waste to Energy overview flowIncoming wasteIncinerationGeneration of electricity11Success Story CollectionRenewable EnergyWaste-to-energy

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