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Plant InformationLocation: Szakoly municipality, HungaryCapacity: 19.8 MWFuel: Wood chipsCompletion: August 2009Veolia Biomass Power Plant Yokogawa CENTUM VP Provides Fully Synchronized Control Environment for VEOLIA Biomass Power Plant in HungaryExecutive SummaryThe Veolia biomass power plant is located in northeast Hungary, near the village of Szakoly in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. It was the first plant of its type to be built in the country.Construction was started in April 2008 and the plant entered commercial operation in August 2009. In mid-2016, ownership of the plant was transferred to the current plant operator, Veolia Energy Hungary Co. Ltd. At nominal loading, the Veolia plant is capable of burning 55 metric tons of woodchips per day to produce 19.8 MWe of power, and has an efficiency of 30.7%. The power plant uses 2 MWe of this output. Operations throughout the plant are controlled by a CENTUM VP distributed control system (DCS) engineered and installed by Yokogawa Central East Europe.HMI screen showing plant overview15Success Story CollectionRenewable EnergyBiomass

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