Promoting Biodiversity

Diverse links of living organisms can be found on earth, which are maintained with a close balance. Every life has a character, and all lives live by supporting one another both directly and indirectly. Biodiversity is an index that represents the abundance of life on earth. At the same time, it provides various benefits to us humans. Our life, economy and industries are sustained by these blessings of biodiversity.
In 2010, the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) of the Biodiversity Convention established an individual goal (Aichi Goal*1) of international society to be achieved in the biodiversity field by 2020. Not only the national government, but also local governments, research institutions, companies and citizen groups are required to take action in order to achieve this goal.
Yokogawa stipulated that the company tackles biodiversity issues in its Group's environmental policy. Based on the Aichi Goal, we also promote activities to conserve biodiversity. In April 2016, a campaign on biodiversity, "Yokogawa Green Volunteer," started at Yokogawa Electric Headquarters, which is operated by volunteers from group employees. Their activities include raising employees' awareness of the biodiversity conservation and holding events for citizens in cooperation with local governments and NPOs. In August 2017, the following policy on biodiversity and action guidelines in Yokogawa Group were formulated. We will expand and promote efforts for the conservation of biodiversity across group companies.

Biodiversity Policy

Biodiversity is a foundation of sustainability in society. Together with our stakeholders, Yokogawa promotes activities for the conservation of biodiversity taking regional characters into account. We will spare no effort to reduce negative impacts generated in our various business activities, to improve biodiversity and contribute to creating a better environment in local communities.

Action Guidelines

  • Cooperation with the local community to enhance local values
    Cooperation with the government and NPOs to acknowledge and enhance local values through efforts
  • Providing employees with educational opportunities and conducting awareness building
    Try to build awareness of employees through holding seminars and events on biodiversity for employees.
  • Taking biodiversity conservation in business facilities into consideration
    Operate business facilities taking ecosystem into consideration, such as the management of green areas in facilities.

Yokogawa Green Volunteer

As an activity for biodiversity conservation, Yokogawa started "Yokogawa Green Volunteer" activities in April 2016, which are operated by volunteers from our group employees.
In fiscal 2017, we held a local wildlife observation tour, a seminar for tips about familiar plants, etc. in the company as activities for awareness building and conservation of biodiversity. We also focus on cooperation with local communities. In cooperation with Musashino City and NPOs, we held a nature observation tour for elementary school students and their parents from the neighborhood at the Tamagawa Waterworks near Yokogawa Electric Headquarters. We held a total of 12 seminars and events in the year, which had a total of about 300 participants.
The headquarters of Yokogawa Electric is located in the heart of Musashino City and is surrounded by an abundant natural environment such as Inokashira Park, Tamagawa Waterworks and Koganei Park. The Basic Policy on Biodiversity that was formulated in Musashino City in 2017 states that the ecosystem network including these large-scale parks and proactive environmental activities of businesses are the strength of Musashino City for biodiversity. We will promote activities that encourage the rediscovery of local values such as abundant nature, history and culture and local biodiversity conservation activities.

Wildlife observation in Inokashira Park
(Wildlife observation tour at night)

Tree name board placed near trees in the headquarters site
(Event for setting up tree name boards)

Observation of autumn leaves along Tamagawa Waterworks
(Event for creating fallen leaf albums)

Picture frame workshop for children and parents
(Event for residents of Musashino City)

Protecting Large Trees in the City of Musashino

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Protected Large Trees
Protected Large Trees

In the city of Musashino, where Yokogawa Electric's headquarters is located, there are approximately 2,000 large trees in the city designated as "environmentally protected." It is under a program called "2000 Large Trees/Symbolic Trees Plan," which has been in place since 1994. Fifty large trees within the premise of Yokogawa Electric's headquarters have been designated under this program and are protected as such.

Participation in the Tenryu River Eco Picnic

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Tenryu River Eco Picnic
Tenryu River Eco Picnic

A total of thirteen employees of Yokogawa's Komagane Factory and their families participated in the cleanup activities along the Tenryu River in Nagano Prefecture, as hosted by the Nagano Techno Foundation (May, 2017).

This event is organized as part of an "environmental beautification campaign" intended to teach the significance and importance of waste sorting, encourage a first-hand view of the current state of the Tenryu River and help achieve a recycling-based society.

Installing Vending Machine to Assist Borneo

Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation, Semiconductor Service Center in Tachikawa Office

Vending machine to assist Borneo
Vending machine
to assist Borneo

Vending machines are installed in Tachikawa Office to assist Borneo. A part of the money raised through sales from these vending machines are donated to the specified non-profit corporation Borneo Conservation Trust Japan and used for activities to conserve the rain forest and wild animals in Borneo.