History of Sustainability Practices

Yokogawa Group has implemented various activities based on the spirit of the company's foundation, "Contribution to the Society." Here, we will introduce our previous main activities related to sustainability focusing on recent topics.

2018 September Yokogawa publishes the Yokogawa Sustainability Book
May Yokogawa sets Mid-term Sustainability Targets for 2030
2017 October Yokogawa is certified as Leadership Level, A-, in both fields of climate change and water at CDP
August Yokogawa establishes sustainability goals for the year 2050
June Yokogawa is selected for FTSE 4 Good and MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes based on ESG evaluation for the first time
May Yokogawa joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
February Yokogawa Recognized as Excellent Health and Productivity Management Company
2015 November Yokogawa establishes Corporate Governance Guidelines
September Yokogawa celebrates its 100th anniversary
2009 January Yokogawa participates in the United Nations Global Compact
2008 April Yokogawa establishes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department
2007 June Yokogawa publishes Yokogawa Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006
2006 September Yokogawa publishes Yokogawa Group Sustainability Report 2006
2002 June Yokogawa establishes Standards of Business Conduct for Yokogawa Group
2001 March Yokogawa establishes The principles of Yokogawa Group Environmental Management Standards
1999 November Yokogawa introduces environmental labeling (Type Ⅱ)
September Yokogawa publishes Yokogawa Environmental Report 1999. Also the company introduces environmental accounting and makes data available to public
1998 February Yokogawa Electric Headquarters & Main Factory and the Komine Factory (current Yokogawa Manufacturing Komine Factory) obtain ISO14001 certification
1997 July The Kofu Office (current Yokogawa Manufacturing Kofu Factory) obtains ISO14001 certification
1994 January Yokogawa establishes Standards of Business Conduct for Yokogawa Electric Headquarters
1993 July Yokogawa establishes a voluntary environmental activities plan
February Yokogawa appoints a Vice President of Environmental Management and forms a Global Environment Committee
1991 April Yokogawa sets up an organization to promote an Environment management
1971   Yokogawa establishes a pollution prevention organization