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Revealing the pathophysiology of COVID19 infections: Yokogawa supports COVID19 research at the Charité in Berlin

The COVID19 pandemic is negatively impacting the health of humans, societies and the economy around the world. Researchers are desperately trying to better understand the viral cause as well as progression of the disease seeking for better treatments and ultimately a vaccine. Yokogawa assumes its social responsibility and starts new scientific collaborations to support the world’s fight against COVID19.

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The Future of High Content Analysis is 3D

Yokogawa and InSphero combine the power of advanced HCA (High Content Analysis) platform with multicellular 3D models for drug discovery. By the way: There’s a free webinar on June 18th on the subject. Registration is possible at the end of the blog article.

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The Yokogawa Life Innovation Business is on the move

Yokogawa has long been committed to the sustainability goals formulated by the UN. In this context, the focus is on good health and well-being. Against this background, the aim is to strengthen the Life Science division in a targeted and sustainable manner in the future.
In order to drive this forward in Europe, Dr. Gerd Heimlich, has now joined Yokogawa as a new a new sales and market developer at Yokogawa Germany, has now assumed responsibility for the Life Innovation Business (LIB). He has worked in the medical device industry for the past 14 years. Prior to that, he was a life science researcher in the field of programmed cell death (apoptosis).
After a first visit to Yokogawa’s global LIB headquarters in Kanazawa, Japan, Dr. Heimlich was available for an interview. Among other things, he talked about the future direction of the Life Innovation Business and the changes that the near future will bring.

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