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Is Your Burner Management System up to date?

A Burner Management System or BMS is a safety system used to assure safe start-up, operation and shut down of process burners. How can you improve in this area with ProSafe-RS Lite?
Read about the benefits in this blog article “Is Your Burner Management System up to date? (according to current Safety standards and Cyber security standards)”.

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Optimizing battery production by measuring the cathode and anode thickness

The batteries used in EVs need to have a good quality as the battery should preferably last as long as the vehicle is in use. Easy to recharge as fast as possible and needs to be a reliable power supply during trips/commutes. To ensure this there are several quality control parameters during the battery production. One of the key parameters for quality control is the thickness (and width) of film and strip materials, wet layers and electrode coatings. Yokogawa has been involved in measuring the thickness of battery films and electrodes in the past decades. By utilizing a Beta-ray source, our WEBFREX3ES measures the film thickness reliably and helps to identify a coating that’s too thin or missing.

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How to develop your digital transformation roadmap?

Before a company starts with any transformation project, it is essential to understand the baseline and, in this particular case, the baseline for digital transformation within manufacturing or “Smart Manufacturing”. A look at the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI).

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The pH sensor that turns measurement on its head

Der Einbauposition vieler pH-Sensoren ist durch Ihren inneren Aufbau Grenzen gesetzt. Das gilt nicht für die FU20 und FU24 Sensoren von Yokogawa. Denn FU20 und FU24 schaffen größtmögliche Freiheit bei der Wahl der Messstelle. Warum?
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SIRI – First-footings in Digital Transformation

Did you ever feel pocced? Even without knowing what it means it already gives a sinister feeling. Doesn’t sound very positive. Well, it isn’t. “Poccing” is giving-in to the inclination to do a Proof of Concept for a digitalization initiative at your facility, without having addressed the key success factors. At a number of industrial players, we have seen some serious cases of poccing, but you may see yourself suffering of one of the milder symptoms.

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Rapid-fire detection and downtime prevention of EV Li-ion battery production

An extinguishing system is ‘The last line of Defense’. Various forms of extinguishing do not give the desired result with a Li-Ion fire/thermal runaway. In addition, early precision detection is therefore also of crucial importance. Contamination to a pre-determined location/environment can then take place early so that the cause can be removed and the risk can be eliminated.

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