About this blog

About this blog

It all began with a simple wooden log.

Three hundred and fifty years ago, the technology for measuring cruising speeds at sea consisted of no more than a simple wooden log. Yes, that’s right – a log. At sea, a “logbook” is used to record and archive shipping data. All events or other special occurrences are entered there regularly. You’ve probably guessed what all of this is leading up to. The modern “blog” is a combination of “weB”, in other words the Internet, and “LOG”.

Electric meter marks the first step

It’s not just speed that can be measured but a lot of other physical quantities too… including electricity. An electric meter marked the first step: in 1915, three enterprising gentlemen began developing electrical measuring devices in Tokyo. All three were burning to come up with new technologies and transform them into products. The Japanese market became less reliant on exports as a result. Like a thermal wind, this entrepreneurial spirit provided much needed impetus and the Yokogawa ship was able to continue on its voyage. It wasn’t long before the next landmark was reached: Japan’s first ever precision measuring devices.

One, two, three… a hundred years and more!

You can also measure time – and we’ve already clocked up more than a hundred years! There are countless stories we could tell about our long journey so far. And that’s precisely why we decided to write this blog.

We’ve got a lot of exciting articles planned on all kinds of Yokogawa-related topics – some technical, some purely informative and some highly entertaining. Our expedition will take in a very varied set of subjects connected to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, always with an eye on application centered solutions. We’d like to invite you to join us as a passenger on our ship as we sail onward. You can learn about the many things that are waiting to be discovered on a sea voyage – from factual information on the Yokogawa ship through experiences we’ve come through in the last century to innovative ideas and our plans for the next leg of the route.

We’d like to get you on board

Our aim with this blog is to navigate you through a variety of topic areas. We’ll help you stay on course, even though you’ll probably drift off every now and then to explore a few rugged outposts. Our crew will escort you on board ship and show you everything you need to know.

We don’t want any hidden messages on deck. What we’re seeking is an open, two-way exchange – with no Morse code but with plenty of dialog in the form of comments.