The importance of a profound cyanobacteria monitoring strategy

In summer, freshwater bodies often suffer from harmful algae bloom (HAB). This explosive spread of algae is mostly caused by cyanobacteria. Sven Kluczka explains why monitoring cyanobacteria is crucial for prevention.

AQUATIC RESEARCH / April 20, 2021

Improving Water Quality: Stiemerlab Citizen Science Project

FlowCam is called the next-generation particle analyzer, but how do you use it in practice? Often, non-scientists are overwhelmed by the number of scientific terms when I explain the application areas. So let me show you a use case from the "Stiemerlab Citizen Science Project", a project dedicated to the improvement of water quality of the Belgian river Stiemerbeek.

AQUATIC RESEARCH / March 30, 2021

Why Size and Shape do matter.

In April 2020, Yokogawa announced the acquisition of the US company Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc (YFT). This article will briefly introduce the FlowCam products and their strategic relevance for the Yokogawa Life Innovation Business.