Instrumentation: The development of best practices

Instrumentation goes hand in hand with measurement How do you improve the measurement of your instrumentation? One thing is for sure: What is not and cannot be measured, cannot be improved. Any data-driven approach for continuous improvement in manufacturing requires

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Robotics for your next step in cost reduction and human safety

It may come as a surprise that although robots have been making cars for decades and are roaming the surface of Mars, they have not been used to operate installations in potentially explosive environments. Tethered, remotely operated vehicles are widely

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Key Trends for 2021

Were any trends for 2020 put on hold due to the pandemic? At least one that has been temporarily on hold is described in Yokogawa’s “Five Key Innovation Concepts to Impact Frontline Engineers in 2020.” The idea behind “Holistic real-time Read More

Artificial Intelligence and the Sushi Sensor

Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers the Sushi Sensor You might have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI). How does artificial intelligence look like in practice? Is your plant industry 4.0 ready? Based on IIoT and wide-area low-power networks (LPWA), we

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