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How do you use Design Thinking for Digitization Processes?

Maybe you know the situation. Have you been there as well? Nowadays, everyone is talking about digitalization and digital transformation. Obviously, a company has to be digital in order to be competitive and maintain this state of affairs. So the

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Do’s and Don’ts in a Job Interview

In the current situation, restrictions and short-time work are having a massive impact on the economy. Many skilled workers are competing for a few, highly sought-after jobs. How do you present yourself ideally in a video interview? And do you

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Introducing Yokogawa Norge

As our business in Norway is continuously growing including the recent acquisition of Yokogawa TechInvent, Yokogawa Norge AS was established as a true Norwegian entity in April 2019. Ged Kelly, former Sales Director UK, leads an ambitious team in Stavanger.

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How to work from remote more efficiently

In these devastating times of SARS-CoV-2, also known as the Coronavirus or COVID-19, more and more employees work from remote.  This might sound tempting, working in pajamas all day, enjoying a Latte Macchiato while looking out of your window in

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“The ideal Combination of Process Engineering and Data Analysis”- Dr.Silke Müller

In our series “Employees at Yokogawa” we introduce Dr.Silke Müller today. She works as a data scientist at Yokogawa. Dear Silke, thank you very much for taking the Time for an Interview. You are Data Scientist at Yokogawa. Please explain,

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Data Scientist- The coolest Job in the World?

When it comes to jobs of the future, this job keeps always popping up in the top ten lists: The Data Scientist – according to Harvard Business Review one of the coolest jobs of the 21st century. The Tasks of

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7 tips for unbeatable Passwords

Today, 11 February 2020, is Safer Internet Day. This global day of action focuses on the motto “Together for a better Internet”. How can we make the most of the tremendous opportunities that the Internet offers in the course of

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Top Nine Blog posts in 2019

2020- a new decade has started. Which innovations will be made in the 20's? Which will be the trends in digitalization? Which topics will keep us busy? So many questions and no answer yet. Our Oil & Gas Blog has Read More

Working on an Oil Rig Part 2- Real Talk

In part 1 of the article, I discussed the advantages of working on an oil rig. The advantages at a glance: good pay, excellent food and holidays in one piece. Of course, there is not only sunshine on an oil

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Working on an Oil Rig Part 1- Dream Job or Nightmare?

Be it Mittelplate in the German North Sea, Brent Bravo in Scotland or Ekofisk in Norway – oil rigs exert a very special fascination, as most people find them difficult to reach due to the extremely high safety precautions. Drilling

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