Safety: Navigating COVID-19 restrictions

Safety in the new normal If COVID-19 has taught us anything in the past months, it is that the future is totally unpredictable. But whilst everything seems to change rapidly some factors, fortunately, remain unchanged. Our economic growth and predictions

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Our personal Brand in pandemic Times

Withstand the harsh conditions vs. remote work For those who develop technology solutions for oil and gas, visiting an oilfield, seeing and feeling the real problems on site is part of the business. No pain no gain, you have to

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Instrumentation: The development of best practices

Instrumentation goes hand in hand with measurement How do you improve the measurement of your instrumentation? One thing is for sure: What is not and cannot be measured, cannot be improved. Any data-driven approach for continuous improvement in manufacturing requires

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Robotics for your next step in cost reduction and human safety

It may come as a surprise that although robots have been making cars for decades and are roaming the surface of Mars, they have not been used to operate installations in potentially explosive environments. Tethered, remotely operated vehicles are widely

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Key Trends for 2021

Were any trends for 2020 put on hold due to the pandemic? At least one that has been temporarily on hold is described in Yokogawa’s “Five Key Innovation Concepts to Impact Frontline Engineers in 2020.” The idea behind “Holistic real-time Read More

Artificial Intelligence and the Sushi Sensor

Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers the Sushi Sensor You might have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI). How does artificial intelligence look like in practice? Is your plant industry 4.0 ready? Based on IIoT and wide-area low-power networks (LPWA), we

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Smart Manufacturing- Why is the Technology Stack so important?

My journey to Italy When it comes to Smart Manufacturing, many companies have difficulties in how to implement it, even though most of the manufacturers have considered it as a must-have. Before I tell you more about Smart Manufacturing and the

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Autonomous operation- the future of automation?

The Energy industries like power or oil & gas face existential challenges related to the Paris sustainable development goals. Particular challenges are climate change and energy transition.  What do we need to address this challenge? How can the autonomous operation

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Plant Historian: Core of your Digital Transformation

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating. Delivering benefits from increased profitability, reduced costs, and higher productivity. Exaquantum Plant Historian enables companies to generate growth from plant data and is at the forefront of digital transformation. Exaquantum is Yokogawa’s digital

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Digitization vs. Tradition

Digital technologies and Brownfield Digitization is a must for companies who want to be competitive. There is no ‘Shall we’ or ‘Shall we not’.  Ask yourself: Where are you right now in your digitization journey? Are you an early adaptor

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