Dr. Maurice Wilkins

I am a PhD Chemical Engineer and Executive Advisor to Yokogawa’s Marketing HQ in Tokyo, based in Ilminster, UK. I have 40 years of experience in decision support, human factors, batch solutions, procedural operations, HMI design, advanced process control, benchmarking analysis, the chemicals and refining industries and developing related standards. My primary work with Yokogawa involves working with international organizations to understand the impact of digital transformation on our current and future business and also working with global standards development organizations (SDO’s) in the development of standards for operator decision support, smart manufacturing, robotics, and autonomous operations. I am the Volunteer Engineering Director and a Fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control and a Fellow of the IChemE. I was inducted into the Process Automation Hall of Fame in 2011. I sit on various IEC international standards committees on smart manufacturing. I am active with ISA (International Society for Automation) Standards & Practices division and co-chair of the ISA101 HMI standard committee. I was part of a small team that proposed a procedure automation standard for ISA in 2009. It has since become ISA106.

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