Solution-based Software

  • Acquiring data from all facets of a process and transforms that data into easily usable, high-value, widely distributed information.

  • Software solutions to help reduce risk and increase safety of plant operations through well-managed alarm systems.

  • Integrate big data to optimize plant data and develop optimal setpoint targets with real-time optimization.

  • Optimize manufacturing with software solutions to achieve real-time, model-based process control and optimization.

  • Remotely monitor field device performance and conditions to achieve proactive, predictive maintenance and less downtime.

  • Actively manage operational safety performance without compromising productivity, revenue, and cost.

  • Software solutions to improve asset and energy management and optimize production and inventory management.

  • Tools to reduce operator stress loading, enable smoother operational transitions, and allow increased scope of responsibility.

  • Extend the power of data historian with business and process data accessed and transferred to other management systems and interfaces.

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