Operations Management System

Operations Dashboard

Operations Management solution helps to ensure Safe, Reliable and Efficient plant operations and regulatory compliance by digitization of information related to key Operations Management Practices. This results in improved productivity through standardized work practices, streamlined processes, plus improved communications and coordination across departments.

Business Benefits

Major Operations Management solution benefits includes the following:

  • Consistent, structured and integrated approach to plant operations management
  • Improved retention of expert knowledge and lessons learnt
  • Fast and efficient change management of operations and maintenance processes
  • High productivity and reduced cost of operations and maintenance activities
  • Providing better integration of all operations’ critical applications and systems
  • Enforced standard operating procedures and practices
  • Improved collaboration and inter-department communications
  • Ensure statutory compliance to Health, Safety, Security and Environment
  • Real-time access to critical information across plants for improved and informed decision makings
Shift Handover Detail View
 Shift Handover Report

Key Features

Operations Management solution functionalities are modular in nature and include the following modules:


  • Multiple log types with view layout and data set
  • Association of the log with plant hierarchy
  • Link the log to Work Instruction

Work Instruction

  • Multiple work instruction types with view layout and data set
  • Work instruction template which provides preconfigured data automatically upon instruction creation
  • Configurable Excel based checklist configured upon template engineering and updated upon Work Instruction execution

Management of Change

  • Single view to record and monitor statuses of plant wide MOCs
  • Structured and configurable MOC workflow (Initiation to Close Out) completely adaptable to customer’s best practices

Incident Management

  • Track and manage plant wide incidents and non-compliances related to health, safety, security, environment and production incidents e.g. equipment trips, outages etc.
  • Structured and configurable Incident Management workflow (Reporting to Close Out) completely adaptable to customer’s best practices

Permit to Work

  • Track and manage plant wide PTWs, Isolation and de-isolations/lock out tag out (LOTO) activities
  • Structured and configurable PTW workflow completely adaptable to customer’s best practices

Shift Handover

  • Auto generation of Shift Handover reports based on shift configuration per roles and plant locations/ departments
  • Auto compilation of shift report based on shift data for log, instructions, process data, trends and their excursions, overrides, incident management and permits to work information etc.

All of the above Operations Management solution modules have rich user experience with the key features below:

  • Rich text data entry
  • Color coded Status and Priority identification
  • Personalized/configurable list view preference
  • Alert notifications for new records using auto refresh, highlighting overdue (display) or pending actions (email)
  • Personalized/Configurable information filtering using multiple criteria

All above modules are accessible from one web-browser window. This single window access allows users to view the portal window to access all the operation critical information that are composed of Logbook, Work Instruction, Management of Change, Incident Management, Permit to Work and Shift Handover. Users can easily navigate to different modules using the navigation button.

Feb 14, 2018
Yokogawa Releases Operations Management Software Package
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