OpreX Safety and Security

Comprehensive solutions that utilize the strategy of defense in depth and our safety & security lifecycle approach to minimize the safety and security risks for our customers' systems.

Secured Remote Solution will provide secured and controlled access to critical, actionable data at anytime and from anywhere.

Plant Security Lifecycle Services are a cyber security lifecycle approach to help customers reduce security risks and manage plant security throughout its life.

Yokogawa provides secure control system products.

Our comprehensive Plant Security Consultation Services help customers deploy proper security solutions for their plants to ensure safe operation.

A comprehensive range of training courses on network security solutions for industrial control systems.

Announcements, notices, advisory reports and other information supporting the safe and efficient use of Yokogawa products.

Sustainable SIS is a software based solution for optimizing and improving process safety integrated with ProSafe-RS and ProSafe-SLS. It maintains evergreen safety performance with optimum OPEX (Operating Expense) throughout the whole safety lifecycle.

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