Plant-Wide Temperature Data Sensing

Preventive maintenance reduces plant shutdown risks and equipment maintenance cost


  • Reduce plant shutdown risks by monitoring the entire plant and taking preventive maintenance
  • Identify the failed spot to take immediate countermeasures
  • Difficulties in monitoring wide areas with the existing sensors due to technical and economical reasons 



  • Enable no-blind-spot temperature monitoring (not achieved by the existing sensors)
  • Find failures and provide countermeasures quickly by detecting hot spots on surfaces of tanks and furnaces
  • Apply a single optical fiber that goes 50 km, the longest in the industry, and capable of massive data sensing of 30,000 per 10 seconds
  • Usable in flameproof area and no influence by the lightening or electromagnetic noises



  • Real-time monitoring of the entire plant and its equipment status
  • Minimize unplanned shutdown risk by preventive maintenance
  • Improve profits by greatly reducing equipment maintenance costs

Plant-Wide Temperature Data Sensing

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