Operations Management (RPO – Production Instructor VP)

Production Instructor VP helps to ensure Safe and Reliable Operations by digitizing necessary information for Operation Management Practices. This results in improved productivity through standardized work practices, streamlined processes, plus improved communications and coordination across departments. Production Instructor VP is part of the Yokogawa Real-time Production Organizer (RPO), a suite of MES platform packages.

Main objectives of Production Instructor VP are:

  • Record operation related information into Logbook for information sharing among people and knowledge capturing
  • Creates advisory task instructions based on imported job orders, task schedule, specific alarms/events, and specific process conditions
  • Automatically relays tasks to appropriate personnel or control systems and monitors the progress of tasks online
  • Combines automated task execution with operational guidance
  • Provides a PC-based logbook environment for shift handover
  • Analyzes task performance for efficiency improvement

Key Benefits to our Customers

Production Instructor VP benefits include the following:

  • Compliance to Operations Management Practices: Shift Handover timing and information management, Work Instruction Tracking
  • Compliance to Operating / Safety Envelopes: Critical alarms and safety excursions / bypasses / overrides are automatically logged into shift handover report
  • Visibility into Operations: Easy access to all shift logs, instructions, checklists and events
  • Improved Productivity: Integrated with PIMS for automated data collection
  • Operational Reliability: Knowledge repository for plant operations for proactive and consistent actions

Features & Functionality

Production Instructor VP includes the following capabilities:

  • Operation Log Management: Configurable log types which supports per-type layout and data set, Log create / update / delete, Association of log with plant hierarchy
  • Work Instruction Management: Configurable work instruction types with per-type layout and data set, Work Instruction create / update / assign / delete, Work Instruction template which provides pre-configured data automatically upon instruction creation, Configurable checklist configured upon template engineering and updated upon Work Instruction execution
  • Shift Handover Management: Shift Handover reports are generated automatically based on shift configuration per role and plant locations or department. Automatic gathering and processing of reports from entered logs/instructions
  • Attaching files (PDF, document, image, etc.)
  • Rich text data entry
  • Color coded Status and Priority identification
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail which logs who, when and what was changed
  • Filtering information by multiple criteria
  • Personalized list view


Production Instructor VP includes the following:

  • Web based Sign-In Production Instructor supports web based sign in various roles of people in a plant / organization have access from various devices without installing additional software
  • Single point of entry to access all information: After sign in to the system, user is navigated to the portal window to access all information of Production Instructor that is composed of Operation Log, Work Instruction and Shift Handover. The view for each data can be easily switched by clicking tabs.
  • Operation Logbook: The list of Operation Log is displayed on the Logbook tab of the portal window. Filtering and quick search function is provided to find objective Operation Log easily. Operation Log contains useful information for plant operation which should be saved and shared among site workers, such as: Log Type, Association of Log with plant hierarchy, Log Time, Priority, Status, Description of rich text data, Attached files, Notes, Audit Trail.
    User can edit/refer/delete/refresh each Operation Log by displaying the Logbook Overview window. It is possible to add Operation Logs to Shift Handover report if necessary for easy rollover reporting.
  • Work Instruction: The list of Work Instruction is displayed on the Work Instruction tab of the portal window. Filtering and quick search function is also provided to find objective Work Instruction easily. WI contains important information to execute plant operation such as: Work Instruction Type, Association of Work Instruction with plant hierarchy, Planned Start/End, Actual Start/End, Priority, Status, Assigned to, Description of rich text data, Attached files, Checklist, Notes, Audit Trail
  • Shift Handover Report: The list of Shift Handover is displayed on the Shift Handover tab of the portal window. Filtering and quick search function is also provided to find objective Shift Handover easily.
  • Shift Handover Report (Final Report): After authoring the information to hand over to the next shift, the owner of the shift handover report can acknowledge the report to inform it’s ready for handover. Once it’s acknowledged, the report becomes read only and only incoming shift people can add comments on it. Once the report is acknowledged by its owner in outgoing shift, the final report is automatically generated. The report is fully customization by Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder.


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