Real-time Plant Data Sharing Service (Web*Technician™)

Web*Technician™ is a cloud service, which can deliver extremely secure methods of collecting, transforming and sharing valuable data between the source (one to many) and the destination (one to many), with Web*Technician™, customers can collect real-time and historian equipment data from plants, achieve early detection of failures via remote data monitoring.

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Key areas for Operational Excellence Transformation

Asset Management and Integrity

Operational Excellence Transformation is Yokogawa and KBC’s co-innovated portfolio of solutions and services. We provide comprehensive solutions for business automation in all four areas using consulting and digital technology.


 Asset Management and Integrity 

Asset Management and Integrity practices are critical to ensure the reliability and availability of such assets while keeping maintenances costs to a minimum, and to capitalize on short-term opportunities in the market. With domain knowledge and experience, Yokogawa and KBC ensure its customers maximize their assets' value through asset management and integrity products, services and solutions. 

Key Operational Competencies in Asset Management and Integrity

  • Maintenance and Integrity Strategy: Determine the best asset maintenance and integrity strategy based on equipment integrity objectives, as well as corporate and asset portfolio strategies 
  • Asset Care Planning: Provide systems and methodologies to optimally define the activities needed to maintain equipment in its designed operating conditions
  • Reliability Assurance and Analytics: Provide analysis of equipment health to determine the best maintenance approaches.
  • Defect Elimination: Identify activities that mitigate and eliminate sources of unreliability to assets or facility systems
  • Inspection: Review inspections performed on equipment to identify specific maintenance activities. This will be done in coordination with, or by, the inspection group. 
  • Contractor Management: Manage contractors to utilize their services efficiently and effectively
  • Minor Projects Delivery: Screen options, engineer and deliver low- or no-capital projects to replace existing equipment or achieve incremental improvements that are cost-effective, timely and fit for purpose
  • Turnaround Maintenance: Perform special equipment maintenance to retain asset design and operational integrity. This involves longer shutdowns or outages of the unit or the system.
  • Routine Maintenance: Perform normal equipment maintenance during operations to retain asset design and operational integrity. This involves short-term or low-impact shutdown of the unit or the system. 

In addition, through Yokogawa’s reliability-based Asset Management portfolio, our customers can:

  • Contribute directly to corporate goals and objectives; We help our customers assess and design how they utilize their assets to achieve the following:
    • Reduction in production cost per unit
    • Reduction in unplanned breakdown of assets
    • Increase in efficiency of maintenance operators
    • Reduction in safety and environmental-related incidents
  • Enable informed and operations-centric decision-making

We combine risk and reliability best practices with our customers’ actual plant operations set up to identify and focus on critical assets that drive the largest contributions in their company. By identifying critical assets – failure root causes and recommended actions – resources and requirements are prioritized accordingly, in consideration of associated risks and consequences. 



·Supply Chain Optimization
- Optimize management of supply, whether oil in the ground or feedstocks for a refinery or chemical asset, in light of product market demands. This provides operators with the agility to take full advantage of market conditions.
·Asset Operations and Optimization 
- Optimize the potential of physical assets, by pushing throughput and maximizing the production of the highest value products, whilst minimizing variable costs such as energy.
- Deliver small and large CAPEX projects, on time and on budget, to deliver growth and meet environmental requirements.
·Operational Risk Management 
- Reliably control safety, health and environmental risk at a personal and process level. This assures the robustness required to avoid catastrophic losses.

Real-time Plant Data Sharing Service (Web*Technician™)  

Maximize the equipment up-time via process data remote monitoring

Web*Technician™ is a cloud service, which fully takes advantage of DaaS. 
Data as a Service (DaaS) is a collection of services, processes and tools that enables digitization projects inside and outside the enterprise. DaaS strives to deliver extremely secure methods of collecting, transforming and sharing valuable data between the source (one to many) and the destination (one to many). 
With these DaaS features, Web*Technician™ service can be described as below.


  • Visualizing equipment performance data and data usage for maintenance
  • Detecting equipment problems early, which can be used for prevention and/or resolution



  • Introduce Web*Technician to the vendor and the plant
  • Collect real-time and historian equipment data from DCS and SCADA to populate the cloud data center
  • Achieve an early detection of failures via remote monitoring of the mission-critical process data, using PC or smart device web browser



  • Maximize production efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Prevent failures, or execute quick response when failures occur


A description of Web*Technician™, it can provide secure methods of collecting, transforming and sharing valuable data in plants.


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