OpreX Asset Management and Integrity

Solutions that reduce maintenance costs and improve facility reliability and availability. By providing the support needed to keep facilities in operation at all times, we ensure that our customers can respond quickly to any business opportunities that may arise due to changes in market conditions.

  • Advanced Analytical Instrument Management System​ (AMADAS)

    Analyzer Management and Data Systems (AMADAS) are meant to monitor, maintain, determine and improve the performance of on-line process analyzers. Yokogawa's Advanced Analytical Instrument Management System (AAIMS) is one step ahead, in that it provides real-time asset maintenance management for a wide range of on-line/in-line process analyzers from simple analytical devices such as pH, conductivity and O2 as well as for complex analytical devices such as gas chromatographs (GC) and Near Infrared (NIR).

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  • Field Asset Analytics (InsightSuiteAE)

    With the increasing demand for energy that has accompanied the economic growth of newly industrialized nations, companies need to find every possible way to add value and max out the efficiency of their production processes. And they must find a way to do this without doing harm to the environment and while complying with stringent HSE regulations.

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  • Sushi Sensor

    Sushi Sensor is a wireless solution for industrial IoT. It can provide the environment that continuously monitor equipment conditions with multiple types of sensors for the realization of Asset Performance Management (APM) which is an activity to deliver maximum value to the equipment owned by the customers, and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).

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