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Through the use of measurement, control, information technology and life science, radically improve productivity across the entire value chain, from basic research to logistics and services.

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In August 2017, Yokogawa announced its long-term sustainability goals (Three Goals) for the year 2050. Yokogawa established these goals to contribute to achieving Net-zero emissions, Circular economy and Well-being. In April 2018, Yokogawa strengthened the business structure of its life innovation business with the aim of achieving one of these goals, well-being.

Achieve a Well-being

  • With the world’s population aging, the importance of the pharmaceutical and food industries to ensure that people can live safe and secure lives with peace of mind is growing.
  • With the world’s population increasing and aging in major countries including emerging countries, it will certainly become more difficult to stably supply the necessary medical care and safe food to many people.
  • In the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, well-being is defined as a “state of physical, mental and social well being.” Yokogawa supports people’s health and prosperity, as well as a safe and comfortable workplace, in a wide range of fields, such as life sciences and drug discovery.

    Sustainability target

Establish a life innovation business

  • Expand business based on existing pharmaceutical/food industry businesses and new technologies and products that are under development.
  • Through the use of measurement, control, and information technology, radically improve productivity across the entire value chain, from basic research to logistics and services.

    Establish a life innovation business
March 18,2020

Sales release : Single-cell Analysis Solution Single Cellome Unit SU10

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November 18,2018


December 8-10, 2019
Booth No. 300

We will exhibit Spinning disk confocal "CSU-W1 SoRa" and high content analysis system "CellVoyager CQ1".

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Super Resolution Confocal Scanner Unit : CSU-W1 SoRa
Confocal Scanner Unit : CSU-W1
Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer CQ1

-Tech talks-

December 9, 3:00-4:00 pm – Theater 2, Learning Center

Uniformizer, a new flat-top beam shaper for CSU-W1 & Introduction to new approach for single cell analysis

Presenter: Naoki Ando: Product specialist of CSU, Masahiro Kajita: Project manager of “Single Cellome”

Yokogawa continues to make improvements to provide the best products for biology researchers. So far, CSU has fulfilled the researchers' wish to take images fast, wide, clear and in super-resolution. This time, we will introduce the new option “Uniformizer” of our product “CSU-W1”. This unit uniformizes the laser illumination and enables quantitative imaging. This provides a large seamless montage image between each field. Furthermore, Yokogawa also takes new challenge for the next field, which is single cell analysis. As a trial, it had prototyped automated single cell sampling system, and it has possible to investigate the molecular characterization of each single cell. This tech talk will introduce 1) ”Uniformizer” and 2) new approach for single cell analysis, which could perform with confocal microscopy.

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Bushu Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., a major contract manufacturing company, is working to eliminate human error to ensure the integrity of test results data, and to promote reliable inspections and paperless operations.


Establish thorough quality assurance with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies to foster the future of medical products.


At Shionogi, the facility maintenance management system eHOZEN, the pr edecessor of eServ, has been used for about 10 years. However, due to the aging of servers and systems, they have begun considering renewing the system with the latest one. When considering this, suggestions from several vendors were received assuming that the system package safely migrates data assets accumulated on the current server and meets the following requirements:


The introduction of eServ has resulted in a centralized system of facility information. The reason for the loss of production opportunities has become clear, and it has become possible for all members to follow up the progress of the measures.


A critical requirement in biopharmaceutical development is the integration and automation of process equipment and analytical instruments used in the laboratory. Bioprocess labs with multiple lab-scale bioreactors often execute cultivation experiments in parallel for research or process development purposes.

As part of a collaboration between Securecell (Zurich, SW) and Yokogawa Life Science (Tokyo, Japan), this application note demonstrates the effective use of the Lucullus® Process Information Management System (Lucullus®) to assist in the control of three Advanced Control Bioreactor Systems (BR1000) to study glucose utilization of CHO cells for optimal monoclonal antibody productivity.


This application note will introduce the features of the SU10 and provide examples demonstrating the delivery of genome editing tools (Cas9 RNP) using the technology.


Exploring the technologies needed to achieve automatic control of cell culture processes.


Yokogawa Electric began offering the environmental monitoring system "OpreX Environmental Monitoring System" (hereinafter, OpreX EMS) for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in October 2020. OpreX EMS, which was launched simultaneously domestically and overseas, is based on customers' needs, such as regulatory compliance, diversification of operational risks, and high usability. When asking the person in charge about the development history and features of the product, it was found that it is a new solution that meets the company's business vision.





The Yokogawa business vision states that the company endeavors to achieve Net-zero emissions, ensure the Well-being of all, and make a transition to a Circular Economy by 2050. 


YOKOGAWA will contribute to technology evolution particularly in measurement and analytical tools to help build a world where researchers will increasingly focus on insightful interpretation of data, and advancing Life Science to benefit humanity.


Connecting MES and DCS in your pharma or biotech factory: Werum PAS-X MES and Yokogawa CENTUM VP


By equipping SMARTDAC+ with the advanced security features option "/AS", it meets the strict requirements of the U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and supports DI in compliance with PIC/S and ALCOA+ by WHO, MHRA and FDA.


Our approach is to leverage state-of-the-art technologies for real-time monitoring and predictive control that allow virtual environments where "digital twin" processes can provide distinct advantages.


YOKOGAWA aspires to establish Smart GMP manufacturing facilities that provide consistent quality and supply while eliminating industrial waste, enhancing productivity and always using high-quality component parts and materials.


YOKOGAWA creates autonomous operations with high-efficiency automation and optimization that allows growth with minimal deployment of manpower.


By adopting the environmental monitoring system, we were able to create an environment in the cell storage facility that allows for quality control, maintaining a high level of safety.


In this webinar, Professor Jonny Sexton discusses a pipeline, developed in the Sexton lab, for the quantitative high-throughput image-based screening of SARS-CoV-2 infection to identify potential antiviral mechanisms and allow selection of appropriate drug combinations to treat COVID-19. This webinar presents evidence that morphological profiling can robustly identify new potential therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2 infection as well as drugs that potentially worsen COVID-19 outcomes.


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