Solutions for Single-cell Analysis

YOKOGAWA is working on the development of single cell mass spectrometry and single cell gene analysis. In order to analyze one cell with high sensitivity, we are developing a method of collecting target cells while keeping position information under observing cells with confocal scanner.

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Challenges for Customers

  • To find the target cell from among many cells and to analyze the target cell

  • To collect single cell directly from adherent cells or spheroid without making cell suspension in which positional information is lost


YOKOGAWA solution

  • Confocal imaging:Accurately acquire cell images in 3D

  • Image analysis: Analyze the captured image and Clarify the target cell and the local part of the cell

  • High precision sampling : Accurately control the tip position of the glass capillary and automatically aspirate a cell and intracellular components


Yokogawa solution



Single cell mass spectroscopy

Single cell mass spectroscopy
  1. Imaging the reagent-administered cell sample with a confocal scanner
  2. Image analysis
  3. Aspirate specific intracellular components with a glass capillary
  4. Single cell mass spectroscopy of the aspirated sample
  5. Analyze the localization, medicinal efficacy, metabolism, toxicity etc of the administered reagent and contribute to development of new drugs


Single cell gene analysis

Single cell gene analysis
  1. Observe with a confocal scanner and find the target cell
  2. Aspirate the target cell with a glass capillary
  3. Single cell gene analysis

Sample source:
Prof Yasuyuki Fujita Division of molecular oncology Institute for genetic medicine Hokkaido University

By this method, it becomes possible to make cell morphology information and position information correspond to gene analysis results. Then, we can know the change in genes associated with morphological changes of stem cells and the changes in the genes of cells in the vicinity of cancer cells. Thus, this method contributes to basic research on stem cells and cancer cells.

*This solution is still under development. The actual product may differ.




YOKOGAWA will contribute to technology evolution particularly in measurement and analytical tools to help build a world where researchers will increasingly focus on insightful interpretation of data, and advancing Life Science to benefit humanity.

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