Virtual Training for Field Operation


Solution Overview

Virtual Training for Field Operation

Virtual Field Training represents the next-generation 3D solution enabling training by simulating the customer's plant in a virtual space. 
An immersive training system interlinked with virtual reality (VR) that solves your on-site training challenges. By initiating targeted tasks in a virtual space without physical constraints, as well as unlimited trials to enhance your expertise. 
Virtual Training for Field Operations is the independent solution of Virtual Training for Field Work category. Virtual Training for Field Operations aims to deliver the field operation activity contents such as collaboration between the board operator and the field operator. 



  • Restricted training scope and availability due to various operating plant conditions.

  • Limited opportunities for Field Operators to experience critical incidents onsite.

Challenge_Virtual Training for Field Operation



  • Immersive Experience – Motivate staff to learn through an exciting digitally-generated native content that combines Virtual Reality with 3D digital twin technology
  • On Demand Access – without being limited by the actual situation in the field (e.g., nighttime, weather, specific restrictions)
  • In-Depth Training – Experience what cannot be done in the field due to physical constraints (e.g., see internal structure of equipment, high-risk locations)
  • Interactive Scenarios – Enjoy training scenarios between Board Operations and Field Operations (with an added option of OmegaLand OTS for Board Operation Training)

Solution_Virtual Training for Field Operation System configuration example_Solution_Virtual Training for Field Operation



  • Drive and accelerate Field Workers’ capability development and agility
  • Ensure safety against critical incident situations

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