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Yokogawa provides its customers strategic support with human resources training and development programs that help them improve the efficiency of their operations.

Yokogawa Training

Yokogawa's training service serves to motivate employees of customer organizations to upgrade their skills and thereby maximize the utilization of system assets. Yokogawa provides a variety of training curriculums for Yokogawa products covering topics ranging from the fundamental aspects and applications of measurement and control technologies to IT and maintenance training. Yokogawa is committed to providing its customers the support they need with strategic human resources training and development programs.

Various maintenance training courses cover system functions, abnormality investigation, countermeasures, and much more.

  • Courses for maintenance of Yokogawa Electric Corporation's control and measuring instruments and control systems
  • Course on maintenance theory and practice
  • Course on preventive maintenance and prolonging lifespan
  • Course on value-added systems Other courses upon request