PRM Release Information

Revision 3

Revision 3.20 (July 2015)

  1. Quick obtainment of failure and other status information from HART field devices is enhanced by using Network-IO field input/output devices of CENTUM VP R6.01.
  2. Various management functions for ISA100 field wireless devices are improved.
    DeviceViewer for ISA100 field wireless devices can be displayed on CENTUM’s screen.
    Field wireless management console can be called up by PRM to monitor the wireless network status.
  3. Compliance to FDT2.0, the latest version of the field device tool communication interface, improved device response times and performance.

Revision 3.12 (May 2014)

  1. Status signals defined by NAMUR NE107 (*1) can be displayed.
  2. ProSafe-RS Vnet/IP-Upstream’s narrow band mode is supported.

*1 : NAMUR is an international user association of automation technology in process industries headquartered in Germany. NE107 is the recommendation by NAMUR describing self-monitoring and diagnosis of field devices.

Revision 3.11 (April 2013)

  1. On-demand communications with PROFIBUS-DP devices via PROFIBUS-DP Communication Module (Models ALP121/NFLP121) are supported
  2. On-demand communication via a new ISA100 Field Wireless Gateway is supported
  3. PST Scheduler functions are enhanced
  4. Advanced Diagnosis Server supports Windows Server 2008

Revision 3.10 (July 2011)

  1. PST Scheduler function enhanced
  2. Security function enhanced
  3. Windows 7 Professional Edition SP1 (64-bit) support added
  4. Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition SP1 (64-bit) support added

Revision 3.05 (June 2010)

  1. PROFIBUS Support
  2. Wired HART7 Support
  3. Wireless ISA100.11a Support
  4. Maintenance Mark
  5. CommDTM/GatewayDTM support
  6. Windows 2008 Server Support

Revision 3.04 (August 2009)

  1. PST Scheduler function added

Revision 3.03 (February 2009)

  1. Windows VISTA support added
  2. Upstream solutions with STARDOM integrated
  3. Support range for EDDL extended

Revision 3.02 (December 2007)

  1. Synchronization with FieldMate added
  2. Integration with GE Energy's System1 added
  3. Interface with CMMS added
  4. Support for EDDL added

Revision 3.01 (August 2006)

  1. SQL server adopted as database
  2. DTM works for HART devices added
  3. Integration with ProSafe-RS added
  4. Parameter search function added

Revision 2

Revision 2.20 (November, 2005)

  1. Enhancement of Maintenance alarm management
  2. DeviceViewer enhancement
  3. Tightened device security
  4. New DD menu for FOUNDATION fieldbus
  5. Data exchange tool in XML format
  6. GUI enhancement

Revision 2.10 (May, 2005)

  1. Maintenance Alarm
  2. STARDOM HART Module
  3. Connection to Multiple COM Ports
  4. Add HART Multiplexer

Revision 2.06 (October, 2004)

  1. Windows Server 2003
  2. Oracle 10G
  3. DeviceViewer for HART
  4. DevicHMI Improvement
  5. Performance Up

Revision 2.05 (September, 2003)

  1. Advanced diagnosis
  2. STARDOM interface
  3. Device templates
  4. Database maintenance

Revision 2.04 (January, 2003)

  1. 20,000 Tags
  2. Windows XP
  3. Oracle 9i
  4. Multiple server switch over
  5. Calibrator Support
  6. HART Multiplexer Enhancements
  7. Audit Trail Enhancement

Revision 2.03 (August, 2002)

  1. HART Enhancement
  2. PLUG-IN
  3. CMMS Interface

Revision 2.02 (September, 2001)

  1. HART communication support
  2. Pepperl+Fuchs Multiplexer

Revision 2.01 (January, 2001)

  1. FF communication support
  2. 10,000 Tags


Functions of PRM R3.05

1. PROFIBUS Support
PRM now supports PROFIBUS DP/PA devices and HART devices that are connected with PROFIBUS DP. Communication with the PROFIBUS fieldbus is handled via third-party devices using CommunicationDTM and GatewayDTM open interface functions.

2. Field Wireless Devices Support
Support of ISA100.11a compliant field wireless devices has been added. Communication with these devices is done via a field wireless integrated gateway.

3. CommunicationDTM/GatewayDTM Support
When a vendor’s CommunicationDTM/Gateway DTM is installed on a communication server PC, PRM can communicate with field devices via communication protocols. Via CommunicationDTM/GatewayDTM, PRM can be used to set and adjust field device parameters. PRM supports PROFIBUS communication devices and field wireless integrated gateways.

4. Maintenance Marks
Maintenance marks are used by maintenance engineers to identify the status of a device. By linking maintenance marks with operation marks on the CENTUM function blocks, maintenance engineers and operators can share the same device information and coordinate their work.

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