SENCOM™ SMART Digital Sensors

Measurement, Control, and Information in one Digital SMART Sensor System

Yokogawa’s SENCOM SMART Sensor Platform is an innovative analyzer platform that optimizes maintenance, reduces configuration time, and simplifies in-field maintenance and calibration.

SENCOM SMART digital sensor platforms combine:

  • SENCOM™ technology, which allows sensors to transmit and receive data when connected to a transmitter/analyzer or any PC
  • Analyzer, which captures and stores calibration data
  • SMART digital sensors to maintain specific measurement and calibration data on an integrated chip along that is an integral part of the sensor
  • Data management software to optimize the performance of pH/ORP and Conductivity sensors for enhanced reliability and process safety


SENCOM SMART by the Numbers



Delivering enhanced value throughout the product lifecycle


Simplified Selection"I want to connect a different sensor type, is that possible?"

Simplified Selection 

One analyzer that can measure pH/ORP, Conductivity and dissolved oxygen allows for a reduction in CAPEX & OPEX.


Expert Guide"How do I set up my new instrument, and how long is it going to take?"

Expert Guide

As experienced operators retire, many facilities worry about the possibility of losing operations expertise and being unable to successfully transfer skills to new operations staff. An easy to use wizard offers clear guidance for the setup and configuration. The intuitive menu structure along with easy to understand alarm settings and clear information on troubleshooting, contribute to the credibility and reliability of your online process control measurements.


Process Guard"How do I know when to do maintenance or calibration?"

Process Guard

SENCOMfeatures real-time diagnostics and sensor wellness for early detection of sensor failure and replacement pro-active maintenance.


Maintenance Manager"Is my instrument still working efficiently and providing accurate measurements?"

Maintenance Manager

There is no need to worry about unplanned outages and lost production time with the maintenance manager function. The SENCOM platform utilizes the integrated "hot swap" and "plug and play" function to significantly decrease downtime, while the sensor wellness function predicts the next maintenance and sensor replacement.


Advanced Flexibility"Do I need to buy a new instrument to expand its functionality?"

Advanced Flexibility

Changing technologies don't have to result in negative consequences putting throughput, quality, and/or compliance at risk. With the SENCOM platform upgrading to the next generation of SMART product is easy, and an upgrade transfer can be done at any time with little impact on operations. The SENCOM Platform connects to traditional analog or digital SMART sensors, allowing an easy upgrade to digital SMART sensors in the future. SENCOMaccelerates time-to-value of the new technology and provides the connection flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency to seamlessly move data and workloads on an ongoing basis.


  • SENCOM 4.0 Platform technology allows pH and ORP sensors to transmit and receive data when connected to FLXA402 analyzer or to any PC/tablet with Mobile Feild Device Managment (FieldMate) installed. 

  • The SENCOM® PC Software, SPS24, offers a unique means to optimize the performance of pH/ORP sensors for enhanced reliability and process safety. The software allows the operator to monitor pH/ORP sensor performance, calibrate and configure various parameters.

  • The S8000, Galvanic Isolation Box, is for use with SENCOM Digital sensors when utilizing the Modbus RS485 communication of the sensors. The S8000 isolates both power and communication signal to prevent the ground loop currents or any interference that will disrupt the measurement. 

  • SENSTATION from Yokogawa is a new concept that combines the company's SENCOM smart sensors with the SMART data logger and SMARTDAC+ modular data-acquisition system to provide a scalable integrated liquid measurement solution. 

  • SENSTATION Frequently Asked Questions

Product Overviews


    Many customers are faced with challenges throughout the product lifecycle, many of which include unplanned outages and the time and costs associated with maintaining equipment. Yokogawa's SENCOM SMART Sensor 4.0 Platform is designed to solve these and other challenges, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


    Digital or Smart sensors maintain specific measurement and calibration data on an integrated chip along that is an integral part of the sensor. This data can be exchanged between the sensor and either a process transmitter, or a laboratory PC using a data management software, like the SPS24.



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