Mirror Plant (Plant Simulator)

Visualization of “present” and “future” by predicting behaviors by CPS (cyber physical system)


  • Detect process failure in advance during normal operation
  • Reduce off-specification products as much as possible
  • Need considering operations with varieties of fuels
  • Improve operators’ and staffs’ skills and techniques



  • Analyze plant’s behaviors based on the rules and principles
  • Measure the plant’s internal information which cannot be detected or measured in reality
  • Predict the dynamic behaviors of the processes several hours in advance
  • Consider changing operating conditions, not just steady-state operation but also dynamics included



  • Realize safety operation by avoiding critical state by predictive alarms
  • Realize flexible operations (e.g. production volume control, accommodating with varieties of raw materials) 
  • Sublimate operation skills into technology

Mirror Plant (Plant Simulator)

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