CellActivision Applications

Colony Formation

Colony growth is easily quantified using the area measurement and cell counting tools providing creative and flexible ways to analyse samples.



Cells area(Pixels)





Cell type 1|Cells

Scratch Wound

The threshold tool facilitates the automatic kinetic analysis of the scratch wound area, wound width and % closure rate.





Wound width(Pixels)


Cell classification and counting tools allow morphological differences such as dying cells to be easily distinguished from healthy cells and subsequently quantified. The kinetic data generated allows important information such as the LD50 value to be obtained with ease.


Neurite Growth

In the absence of any labels, neurite formation and cell number can be automatically quantified. Information on cell number, cell phase and movement statistics can also be generated.






Co-culture Analysis

Through using the cell counting and classification tool, machine leaning technology allows different cell types to be classified and quantified over time.


Cell Tracking

Single cells can be automatically tracked providing information on cell movement, and directionality. Additionally; Total trajectories, or centered trajectories can be generated.

X Movement(um)

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December 029,2017

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