Evaluation and Testing of Industrial Packaged Air Conditioners

The DAQWORX Data Acquisition Software Suite is used in the evaluation and testing of industrial packaged air conditioners for remote operation of the temperature and humidity controller, and for multi-logging of temperature and humidity data from separate test floors.

Industrial Packaged Air Conditioner Evaluation and Test Facility

Evaluation and Testing of Industrial Packaged Air Conditioners

  • With the DAQMASTER MX100 Data Logger, you can combine multipoint measurement of superior cost performance (10-CH, Medium-Speed Module) with superior noise rejection measurements (4-CH, High-Speed Module).
  • Using the DAQWORX Base software DAQLOGGER, data from the MX100 and the UT55A Indicating Controller (up to 1600 channels) can be acquired together on a single PC (note: requires GateMX/MW and GateCONTROL driver software).
  • With the DAQWORX Add-on software AddMulti, this acquired and integrated data can be recorded asynchronously to separate files for each individual test floor (up to 32 channels per group, maximum of 50 groups).
  • Combining the DAQWORX Add-on software AddObserver, you can remotely switch between Auto and Manual on the UT55A, enter SP values, and perform other operations (requires simple creation of screens).

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DAQWORX is the previous generation data logging software compatible with most Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, and measuring instruments. 

Mid-level UT55A/UT52A

The UT55A and UT52A temperature controllers employ an easy-to-read, 14-segment large color LCD display, along with navigation keys, thus greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities. A ladder sequence function is included as standard. The short depth of the controller helps save instrument panel space. The UT55A/UT52A also support open networks such as Ethernet communication.

PC-Based MX100

For test applications with data logging requirements, the MX100 scales from four to 1200 channels. It streams, records, displays, and reports with no programming required.


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