Increasing Production / Chuetsu Yeast Corporation

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Chuetsu Yeast Corporation, Japan
Increasing Production / Chuetsu Yeast Corporation

Chuetsu Yeast Corporation (Chuetsu Yeast) was founded in 1946 to develop a new market for the fermentation technology that had been originally developed by the Yoshinogawa Corporation, the well known producer of the Yoshinogawa brand of Japanese sake.

Chuetsu Yeast had the foresight to predict the shift by the Japanese to a more bread-based diet.

The company conducted research into the production and sales of yeast, a vital ingredient in the bread-making process that has a major infl uence on the quality and taste of the finished product. This research determined that quality had to be given top consideration in the yeast production process and the company set about working to create and deliver to the market the best possible yeast product.

Chuetsu Yeast has selected Yokogawa's CENTUM CS1000 control system for its yeast production facility.

Why Chuetsu Yeast Co. Selected Yokogawa?

Chuetsu Yeast already had successful experience with YEWPACK MARK II and MicroXL, two legacy control systems from Yokogawa that are in use at this yeast production facility. The company had a need to increase its production volume and was planning to expand its current facilities; however, issues specific to the plant location made it difficult to implement this expansion and it was decided instead to ramp up production using existing facilities. With the existing control systems, the only way available to do this would be to move to an around the clock production schedule and add operators to the production staff. As this was prohibitively expensive, the company instead investigated the option of upgrading its control system and functions, and adding advanced control applications.

To meet this requirement, Chuetsu Yeast selected the reliable and stable CENTUM CS 1000 control system. With the CENTUM CS 1000, it was possible to move to a 24-hour production schedule and increase output by 150% without expanding plant facilities or hiring additional operators to work a night shift. This was done by analyzing the operation and implementing program / automated control applications for the control of night shift production and sequence control for the control of daytime production ? all using the CENTUM CS 1000. In addition, Chuetsu Yeast was able to add an emergency operation system, thereby providing a higher level of reliability and security.

From Customer

"We decided to install the CENTUM CS 1000 because we had expertise in process control and the CENTUM CS 1000 allowed us to engineer the system ourselves," says Mr. Kawamura, Supervisor of the Production Division.

Mr. Yamamoto, who works in operations, says "We were also able to use the existing MicroXL and connect it to the CENTUM CS 1000 - saving both time and money. Though the new system is PC-based, the redundant control features support 24-hour operation. We frequently use the trend display because it is easy to use and very well designed. The displays are especially effi cient, allowing us to view four displays at the same time."

"We were concerned that there might be calls in the middle of the night because of process alarms, but this did not happen, and the start-up of the new control system by the operators was executed without a problem. Moreover, Ryoden Corporation (an agency of Yokogawa Electric Corporation) provided excellent project support, which was key in ensuring a smooth start-up and operation of the system."

: CENTUM CS 1000
System Configuration: 2x HIS, 2x PFCD

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