Providing Value to Society together with Customers

Aspiring to realize a sustainable society, Yokogawa is helping to address a number of social and environmental issues through its business activities. In fiscal year 2015, we initiated a cross-organizational project and exchanged opinions with our shareholders. And in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, we have classified our business activities and contributions as follows:

Contributions toward a sustainable global environment

Social Issues

  • Burgeoning energy demand in emerging countries
  • Shift from non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable energy sources
  • Soil and water pollution from domestic and industrial wastewater and industrial waste

Relevant SDGs

Yokogawa's Strengths

  • Provision of highly reliable products and services and development of long-term relationships with a global customer base, mainly in downstream sectors of the energy supply chain such as oil refining and petrochemicals
  • Engineering services that make operations more efficient and a wealth of expertise in diverse applications

Value Provided to Society

  Boosting efficiency throughout the energy supply chain

  • Support services that ensure stable and efficient operations and the efficient use of energy and other resources throughout the plant lifecycle
  • Conservation of energy through the measurement and optimal control of production facilities and waste heat recovery facilities

  Responding to the shift to renewable energy sources

  • Highly reliable measurement and control equipment supporting clean power generation at renewable energy plants
  • With customers and partners, the joint development and realization of efficient wide-area energy management systems that combine the use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and plant control technologie

  Ensuring a resource recycling society

  • Robust systems with a low environmental-impact that can be kept in use for decades through the replacement of parts and other regular maintenance procedures
  • Ensuring the supply of safe water through the implementation of seawater desalination, wastewater management, and water purification plant monitoring and control projects worldwide
  • Helping to prevent air, soil, and water pollution through the real-time component analysis of gases and liquids
  • CO2 emissions reduction and other environmental management activities at our offices and factories

Realization of a safe and secure society

Social Issues

  • Plant accidents caused by aging facilities and the retirement of skilled operators
  • Aging of public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and harbors
  • The threat of cyber-attacks on vital infrastructure
  • Social impact of earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, floods, and other natural disasters

Relevant SDGs

Yokogawa's Strengths

  • Utilization of long experience and extensive track record in industry sectors such as chemicals, iron and steel, and liquefied natural gas to provide support that ensures safe and secure operations
  • Development of integrated process control and safety instrumented systems (as an alternative to the conventional approach of keeping these systems separate)
  • Development and supply of operation training simulators that incorporate the expertise of skilled operators
  • With security system vendors, provision of distributed control system (DCS) lifecycle security solutions

Value Provided to Society

  Development of safe and secure work environments

  • Prevention of plant accidents through the rapid detection of plant abnormalities and the use of highly reliable and secure safety instrumented systems that perform emergency shutdowns, thus protecting people, the environment, plant assets, and company reputation
  • Alleviation of operator stress through the integration of process control and safety instrumented systems, contributing to the overall improvement of operating efficiency
  • Transfer of technical skills, knowledge about past plant problems, and knowledge about how to anticipate and prevent similar problems by using operation training simulators and virtual plant systems
  • Helping to ensure the safe and secure operation of plant systems through the provision of secure products and cyber-security solutions

  Support for natural disaster preparation and mitigation measures

  • Development of durable, compact, and reliable sensors that constantly monitor buildings and bridges and enable early detection of tilting, cracking, and other failures
  • Provision of natural disaster preparation and mitigation solutions such as tide gate centralized monitoring systems, public information services, and underground reservoir water distribution systems

Growing together with local communities

Social Issues

  • Labor shortages in emerging countries
  • Discriminatory treatment of individuals based on gender, race, etc.

Relevant SDGs
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Yokogawa's Strengths

  • Hiring, nurturing, and promotion of local workers to managerial positions
  • Development of technical training programs in cooperation with customers and local educational institutions
  • Efficient, change-responsive organizational operation through human resources strategies such as promotion of globalization and utilization of diversity

Value Provided to Society

  Local support for training of engineers

  • Establishment of educational institutions and provision of scholarship support for students (Saudi Arabia, Tatarstan)
  • Support for development of engineering students through internships in cooperation with local universities; subsequent contribution to local job creation (Middle East, Africa)

  Promoting diversity

  • Career training for leading female employees and diversity education for managers; preparation of development plans for female employees; reform of the corporate culture and workplace culture; provision of support to ensure the success of female employees; and correction of disparities between men and women (Japan)
  • Active utilization of diverse human resources, including women, foreign nationals, and disabled person

Support for health and enrichment of people's lives

Social Issues

  • The enormous time and cost required for new drug development
  • The burden of animal experimentation and clinical trials

Relevant SDGs

Yokogawa's Strengths

  • Establishment of confocal microscopes capable of observing the movements of live cells in real time as a de facto standard in leading-edge research
  • Development and provision of advanced drug discovery support systems incorporating technologies such as confocal microscopes, precise positioning control, and cell image analysis

Value Provided to Society

  Life sciences and drug discovery

  •   Promotion of leading-edge life science research through the use of confocal microscopes for the observation of biological phenomena such as the movement of neurons in the brain and the flow of red blood cells
  • Drug discovery support systems for the efficient development of safe pharmaceuticals that alleviate the burdens of conducting clinical trials on living subjects and conducting animal experiments

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, which includes a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs, consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets, are universal development goals for ending poverty and hunger, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity that all countries and all stakeholders are encouraged to work toward.