Portable Data Acquisition

Portable data acquisition systems are fully integrated, data acquisition and display stations with secure, built-in data storage and network connectivity. Portable versions are available for industrial and laboratory applications.

  • Touch Screen GP10/GP20

    SMARTDAC+TM GP10/GP20 is a paperless recorder that provides intuitive, human-centric design, web-enabled functionality, and scalable architecture.

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  • DL350 Portable ScopeCorder

    For “quick and easy” troubleshooting or sophisticated mixed-signal datalogging, the DL350 is a portable, powerful, and useable engineering tool that makes complete measurements completely portable.

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Aerospace Material Specification AMS2750F defines the requirements for thermal processing equipment used in metal heat treatment applications. It covers temperature sensors, control and recording instrumentation, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys. Shops that adhere to the standard can confidently heat treat components used in a wide range of aerospace, transportation, and other industries that demand traceable quality procedures for heat treatment.




Yokogawa Network Solutions is pleased to present an instructional video on how to configure DAQMaster (MW100) and DAQStation (DXAdvanced) - data acquisition systems to create automatic manual sample files. Manual sample files are text files that can be read by programs like Excel, NotePad, and WordPad. Manual files (.DAM) offers an alternative to native data files (.DAD, .DAE, .MXD) that require programs like MW100 Viewer or DAQStandard Viewer for viewing.

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